Sunday, February 5, 2012

♥ Spray with love ♥- I

Hey Fellas ,

Finally got few minutes to spend on my Blog :) ....reason ofcourse a fast paced sunday which just flied away .
Right now ...I am Glued to my dear idiot box wtching the amazing Ranbir Kapoor perform @ Zee cine awards . Yes I adore him amongest the new genre League . After all he 's the new Rockstar !!!

About the Blog : Just a lil FYI on the perfumes that are on my fav list & 'to buy' list . Hope it will be of some use to the fellow lovers of the beauties.I'm sure you have plenty sitting on ur closets but adding to your collection would'nt be bad either  :) Mark my words : Live it up ;)

Ok there are some which i can proudly now claim of my signature fragrance ,but new love always arrive :D
Few have turned into obsession now ;) Also would confess have hardly got them for me most of them are gifted .Thanks to Mom Pop cousins & special friends for showering me with what i would completely drool over .....

Seems like this one is going to be a long review ......( You've been cautioned :P)

Let me begin this one is really special because gifted by special ones things become way too special too but yes its as amazing as a fragrance can be( Oct Launched ) :

Hell ya ~Try this one ......Long staying , is a feminine and sensual floral woody fragrance with an eclectic combination of luxurious, refined notes.  Perfect for Daily wear .You 'll nothing but fall in love with it instantly ;)

Face endorsing it is equally sexy & seductive -
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  !!!Have a look : 

Just a sneek peek of the lovely Lady at the BurberryBody launch .H!!awtness personified !!....ohh did i digress from the Parfum talks  :P

Along with all this a very very trendy flacon to flaunt in your closets or on your pretty dressing tables set.

The clock just reminded have to get u[p early morning.Read : sundae just got over .........

Stiill much more to share on the perfume collection FYI .

Keep following the space for more .Your feedback in case you have tried the same or intend to are most welcome .Then it would feel like Mutual love between us readers :!!

Till then take Good Care of yourselves .

Muse :)

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