Sunday, January 29, 2012

Code B & W

Hey Readers ,

To begin with we all had a fantaboulous Weekend ,Didnt we ;).That curling up late in the quilts ,pile on tv ,and endless cups of coffee.....just don't want this leisure time to come to an end .But a shrewd Monday about to strike a good morning .Never Mind !   

Ok so what's code B&W.....Yes u guessed it right " Black & White ".When coded together it can give variant amazing effects .

Prints or simple mix and match you can give it an epic look without much complications .Isnt ?

What to pick ...what to wear has an easy answer : B & W !!!!

Have a look below :

My friend who s in B&W - also would like to mention she has accesorized it well with a tie up head band That 's so nice .See below -

Sport the b&w with oodles of confidence and watch the difference it makes :)

B & W was also Audrey Hepburn's fav :

Share the love .

Signing off with love

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We the Republicans :D

Hey Readers ,

Too much on my mind .ya that's right !

Followed by a hectic week start , a pleasant mid - week thanks "happy Republic day " :D

Last evening had a long discussion with Sakshi who sounded just like my Soul sister,gotto mention over the amazing Irish coffee Latte . Some people have just so soothing effects on you .....

This Post is random & is not carrying any fashion disclaimer as of now :P

The look up is bright on the republic day eve !!!

Free spirits basking with essence of freedom . That"s us the proud Indians . We believe in "no mater what it takes " ....isnt ?

The "Tiranga"  as we lovingly call it is an amazing blend of deep Saffron, white, and green :)

Look at this below :

The Nail art is super-duper cute .Isn't guys ?

Ending on a 'Jai Hind' note...Enjoy ur left over of the week ahead - precisely just 'a' day -sure that makes u happy .

Love to all !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Colour Block with Navy Blue

Hey Readers ,

Did I keep u waiting for too long .Blame it on the busiest weekdays ....aah not really though :p

Anyway to begin with This is the first Official Blog so I am much excited & am thrilled too .

The pictures are 'lil' lame so bear with them .

The idea is to convey the message for "Colour Block" .

& This time around it's the safest bet u can try on  : keeping Basic blue ( navy ) & playing around with colours along .It would be an ideal winter wear & give you that fashion strike all the time u sport it .

So go ahead and try it on .

Like a peek of what I tried will go along well in formal as well as informal attire .

Also let me know your verdict of this combination - Bright orange stole with the Blue pullover .

Also My friend teamed it up with Bright Pink with slimming basic blue jeggings .Have a look above

Tell me how u experimented/goin to experiment with the colour  .

Much Love

Monday, January 16, 2012

What your heart yearns !!!

When u have to decide its to be pink or blue , and u get miffed .......when u end up using an orange .yes that's "you" and "me".....always not knowing what our hearts yearn !
But I say only people of real substance follow their heart ...they never are scared .
Feel grateful that you have a heart that yearns, and love yourself for it. Keep hold of the courage that it takes to follow what your heart knows is true.

I say always listen to your heart & it will never let you down !!!!

Share the love &