Sunday, March 10, 2013

Breakfree !!!

Weekends are meant to break free ,of sorts. No kidding.

A day beyond papered to dos list,
A day for seeking pleasure,pleasure out of simple things.

Breaking free also meaning turning simple ingredients into a feast .
Breaking free with knocking yourself out with things you love .Enough said :D

In context of the outfit post , breaking free from your regular trousers and shirt patterned dressing or even denims , and getting into a relaxed wear . Something bohemian. You get the drift ?

If not this is a shoot which is one of a kind and again breaking free from mundane .
Welcoming the collaboration with TE Capto I Capture You  & I think rest story, pictures have to say.The pictures are testimony to the brilliance in their clicks & moments they captured through lens.

A shot well captured

Graffiti Anyone ?

With the one behind the lens :D

Yellow(is no more dirty fellow :p) Fashion&you,
Palazzo (this season's staple) : Pret GK,
Strapped sandals: Stilettos,
Bag Steve Madden City walk
Ring: Twist,
Neckpiece- Friend's Streetfind,Shades: Daddy's Moscow buy,

Photography & Concept by TE Capto I Capture You
Location : Hauz Khas
Styling : Muse
We had a ball during the shoot.& we were so baldy sun-kissed you know !!

My style has always been relaxed & understated ,would continue to be so during the maddening summers especially. Delhi is so like furnace already.

So, let me know what do you think of the outfit & the shoot results ;)
I am amused,I really am.

Till Next