Monday, March 30, 2015

Polka Ville!

Look out for an Outfit post below which is mostly candid & You can recreate the look in spur of a moment. Fashion high-five ?

I think the finest pictures are candid. Don't you ?

Also , I think its interesting how something has been done before a million times, but you still reinvent it & call it your own. Wear it & own it. Like I wore my Polka shirt and called it my Polka Ville!

The look is relaxed yet apt for an evening dressed up look. Giving my favorite pair of jeans rest, I paired it with my Maxi Dress. The highlight is also that I'm happily wearing the neck piece from my best friend's label Shop Chic Saga.
This outfit has come together with my night's go to lip-shade- 'Relentless Red' lips by Mac.

I have mentioned my love for the season, my new Shiney Oxford shoes by Zara. I am going to live in them as I claimed it in my last outfit post called Fashionology! ! Just living up to it.

And you,Stir up!


Black Polka Shirt.: Thrifted
Maxi Dress : Forever 21 Online Store
Shiny oxfords : Zara
Statement Necklace: Friend's label Shop Chic Saga
Crossbody Bright Red Sling.: Forever21 ( Also , styled here )

Photography by my partner in crime Shaily from COC
Location : Citywalk

This was right before we were headed to an eventful night for an event for Benetton <3

What do you think of this plain vanilla but a little twisted Polka-Ville look ?

Let me know. Also I have started Yoga as I mentioned in my previous post & I think it has me forever. Will try and do on a post soon on that.  What is catching your Fancy ?

Enjoy the breeze, before the excruciating summer sets in!

Till Next


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


We are Fashion. And we have our little ways to love it more every day. Its simple Fashionology.

There are so many Fashion trends, but few you just own! Not hopping the bandwagon , but essentially bringing your own nonchalance to the looks.I do it all the time, without even blinking at what others think of it. And I'm so Glad I never succumb and stick to my own rules.

Below is 'Outfit of the night' that I have put together for the Le Meridien Launch Night. It was a hectic day the earlier half of the day, hence I kept the look simple. I feel that's the best that suits me.

I took the statement necklace out for a spin! It's actually refreshing to find just so basic but on trend pieces , like my plaid bright crop top. I bet you agree!
With Black, it looks so effortless dressing for a Night Out. It's perfectly camouflaging what it needs to.

I'm also challenging the adage 'no pain no gain' with my uber cool Black Zara Oxfords. No pain, seriously !
Oxfords are considered the classic men's formal shoe but Androgyny is what we are definitely digging. 

Outfit of the Night:

  • Plaid cropped t shirt - Will take you from Day to Night!
  • Black Blazer- Perfect Accompaniment.
  • Shiny oxfords  - I'm going to live in them.
  • Statement Necklace-  Spikes & Gold. It's a fun night right!
  • Crossbody Bright Red Sling.- Bright Red because it goes so well with tone of crop top.
  • Make up - Since the look is simple, I went ahead with Marsala lip color and dramatic eyes.

You,tell now! 

Plaid cropped t shirt & Crossbody Bright Red Sling.: Forever21
Black Blazert : Vero Moda
Shiny oxfords : Zara
Statement Necklace: Bangkok buy by my friend

Photography by TheFashionFlite
Location : Gurgaon Le Meridien
Styling : Muse
Mimosas & giggly nights with Girls are more than welcome <3

My Lovely company at the evening were:

Shaily from Confessionzofacloset
Pupul from ChicSaga
Surbhi from ThefashionFlite
Shreya from FTLOFAOT
Komal from DelhiFashionBlogger

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Le Meridien's First Night in Gurgaon!

The first look of the Grand Le Méridien Gurgaon is definitely amaze-balls.

And Of course,the new extravagant property in the city is all set to provide a unique experience, unlocking the destination through locally influenced design, programming and cuisine.

Le Méridien Gurgaon is strategically located within the bustling business hub of Gurgaon, offering convenient access to major corporate parks and thoroughfares, such as Global Business Park, DLF Cyber City and Golf Course Road. It also lies within close proximity to notable cultural centers, including Epicenter, Kingdom of Dreams as well as renowned art galleries. The hotel exemplifies the perfect combination of style and comfort to unlock Gurgaon, which has emerged as a melting pot of ethnicities with an enriched local culture and a variety of arts, music, cuisine and cultural festivities. 

Le Méridien Gurgaon, Delhi NCR opened its doors with the brand’s signature First Night celebrations, drawing a glitterati of curious minded guests from Gurgaon and Delhi. French Bossa Nova band Nouvelle Vague, a LM100 member and the brand’s global music partner, infused the Hub with their live beats, transforming the space into a completely social sphere. Flying in from the UK, The People Pile engaged guests with their alternative and energetic technical dance performances. In addition, the evening included an art performance that recalls traces of Gurgaon history; a tantalizing culinary repertoire, including local flavored éclairs; and sparkling drinks that kept spirits high.

We Danced ,Drank, Ate, In that order & partied till we drop as quite evident from the pictures from the night below:

French Bossa Nova Band Nouvelle Vague performing at the launch of Le Mer...

Brian Povinelli_Global Brand Leader_Westin and Le Meridien at the evenin...

THE PEOPLE PILE performing at the launch of Le Meridien

Night view of Le Meridien Gurgaon

French Bossa Nova Band Nouvelle Vague at their witty best!

Caught Candid!

Shaily , Pupul & I

Fashion Pack !

                     On other note, being fit is to be taken seriously. I'm trying Yoga very soon.
Anyone of you does it too? Would like to hear from you !

Till Next