Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Party Ft. John Players

Summer Fashion comes with a potpourri of flavors. And for men and women alike, believe me when I say this !

You remember I had a blast styling from men section last year and this year when the party returned, I had to wear my party hat and join!

Result readers get some more tips for men styling 
As I said, You can style denim in 101 ways. or may be more.

Its great to see a brand evolving , into a one stop shop for all your needs, opening more windows of styling. Feisty prints,funky tees,solids and denims they have the most of it. John Players is young and esquire. 

Scroll down for fun looks from the brand's new collection which was perfect display of fun with versatility.

Look 1 is for someone who digs, Denim on Denim , How easily its styled Soft Denim buttoned shirt. Its a realization that I repeated this look from last year, marks my love for it. Keeping it dark both way- Top & Bottom is washed jeans.

Look 2 Hello to beach look in these uber-cool SOFT DENIM joggers, slippers and palm print shirt for adding that cool quotient. Destination beach party, and you are invited!

 Look 3 You are the one who loves layering, go checkered with a basic fun look. Fun grey funky tee beneath and it still gives you that rugged look. 

Summer is crazy, so time to go crazier with shopping and styling yourself.

Don't forget to follow their social media updates for fun quiz and updates with #JohnPlayersKey2Life to win a cool bike and head for that trip on your bucket list....Go go go !!  We GOOFBALLS are sitting on the bike thats why its not visible in this photo below :

Also , how WE FASHION bloggers styled from the collection with umpteen outfit ideas for you.You agree we are a fun bunch, no ? 

John Players 



Next is Goa travelogue up on the blog next week, till then tell me which is your favorite look from 3 looks above ?

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weekend glory Ft The Kanatal Orchids

We live in a world where lives are portrayed like dreams, and everyday we're forced to witness an endless barrage of fabricated perfection. Everywhere. But is the life around us really perfect? 

I am certainly one off character who lives in round pegs in square world. With my menacing work life, trying to balance my hobbies (blogging et all) and keeping up with my social- family life. Not a rant post, on the contrary, I have learned to take rest and find my little happy escapes in Travelling. Darling escapes.

While I have myself felt the pressure to choose between myriad options to travel, I am a perfectionist and compulsive list maker, but to give you a practical realm, my fully planned and paid trip to Europe got canceled this april. And that was that for me to realize some things are best unplanned. I was pretty sure whatever chance was coming my way to travel; I was going to grab it with full hands leaving behind control a bit. Control Freaks, you hear me ? 

More or less, I knew that I have not travelled much in India, there is a lot of scope to backpack. Hence this ultimate weekend travel story Feat @The kanatal orchids and picture stories from the mad run and rush both.
If you give me a choice I would in a blink choose beach, but mountains this time did call me*gushes* Also Good time so say aye to my partner in crime for the road trip, Akash from
 travellersfoodboxx ,
Nikhil(Co-Founder The kanatal orchids-camps) being the most entertaining host ever met, so far.

      More or less, I knew that I have not travelled much in India, there is a lot of scope to backpack. Hence this ultimate weekend travel story Feat @The kanatal orchids and picture stories from the mad run and rush both.

Route: We left for Kanatal around 7:30 am via NH. The total distance from Delhi to 78 KMs from Dehradun, Kanatal is relatively lesser known is around which is covered in about 8 hours with a 2 small stoppages at rishikesh and Meerut.  I recommend leaving early morning in order to avoid heavy traffic in and around.
       You can book yourself camps from The kanatal orchids

2) Food and ambiance: Food is simple and tasty as it gets. Mostly vegetarian, the cuisine at Kanatal is rich with the inclusion of lentils, pulses and various other hill produce with local spices with leave you feeling light and freshly cooked meals in mountains views; you will of course relish it more. Chai pakoras and views sum it all.

      Local drink called  Buransh is made of the local flower burans (a type of rhododendron)is very refreshing and is told to be having lot of antioxidants. All health fanatics listening, I hope!

       3)  Don’t miss :
·         Local trek to Sarkunda trek preferably in early morning to enjoy cold breeze instead of blazing sun. Under guidance of a local too.
·         Trip to mussorie since its an hour away. And further up to Dhanlauti etc if you may like.
·         Boating experience at tehri dam/ lake. I couldn’t manage in this trip, but locals says its       great with some options of water sports.
·         Star gazing , and self-introspect in the quaint.
·         Bonfires should never be missed accompanied by happy drinks and friends!

       4)Traveler’s hacks:

·         Carry basics like towels/toiletries when camping.
·         It’s cold round the season carry layers.
·         Working and running shoes for the treks

·         Its best to book in advance, camps are mostly full round the season. 

      Also, guest house run by the same founders ‘Goodluck Homestay’. It is just 10kms before Kanatal Orchids & provides you a cosy stay with a very nominal cost.

In a glimpse the beauty around the camps:

You just need a weekend to plan a visit to this fun camp.

Life is short, Take that trip , you guys. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No Fail Lipsticks for Summer 2017 Ft Myntra

Ushering into summers and breezy looks. Blurring the lines with Pastels and keeping the lipsticks bright &  Fresh.

Seasons come and go but Lipsticks are love forever.

I am not very experimental and definitely not know-it-all make up person but hey I got my basics right! If you would like some tailor made responses , queries et all please leave a comment below.

Lets move to the list where you can pick a one or two for your skin shade:

Fair skin:

Brights are way to go. Pops of Pink and orange are something you can always wear.

Something like Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-Less Red Letter Lip Colour 

Faith Hill


Lakme 9 to 5 Coral Incentive Lip Color

For Glamorous nights, don't forget to get your inner Diva on with fiery Darker hues like this 

Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Maroon Magic Matte Lipstick

Price is a steal too. You can have them all guilt-free. Dessert without calories, right ? 

Fair skin to Medium skin: 

Corals and Pinks go best with this skin shades. It just brings our the texture of your skin more softer

If you want to experiment, Burgundy or Plum is a great shade for this skin shade too. Like this one 

Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-Less Matte Burgundy

Katy Perry

Diana Gordon

Medium to Olive skin: 

Feeling lucky because you have a natural tan ? Think berries and Fuschia to make that skin more radiant looking. Coffee is a great color too apart from being favorite beverage. 


Olive to Dark skin : 

Put on great mascara to join the beehive of the sultry lookers. 

Orangey-Red is your color. Yes there is a color like that. Or a cool Grape-hint like 

Jennifer hudson

All make up references are from Grammy 2017.

Myntra has huge discounts going up , find the links below to grab your favorite shade: 

Few tips for Lipsticks application: 
  • Try and scrub and apply generous lip-balm every night.
  • Use primer always/ Little bit press powder helps
  • Outline your lips with a darker shade to give a fuller lips look and avoids bleeding lipsticks. 
  • After first coat, dab it with a tissue and apply again. This gives long lasting effect.
  • For nudes, go for smokey eyes, best combination unlocked.
  • If you oily skin type, avoid glossy shades and make Matte your best friend.
  • Use highlighter in on the Cupids bow, with nude shades as well. 

If you're a lazy girl like me, you need these in your arsenal. Also flawless make up takes ages to come, finding the best suited shades, so don't warrant yourself stress and use these tips to look your best always. 

Also, I am a huge fan of cheek and lip stains.

Go Ahead , snooze ladies, just don't forget to pack these shades in your on the move Vanity like me. 

I have a trip planned for April. Get ready for lot of Travelogues. I still have not put up the Australia one yet! 

Much Love 

Till Next 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Good health Ft Four Fountains Spa

As I always say , We are City dwellers,the doers, we have busy lives more than ever.
By Monday I am an email ninja like there is trickling bomb in my email box, by Tuesday I am on global VCs, Wednesdays I am at reviews, Oh wait ! I dont mean to give you breakdown of what my job entails, but we all are stuck in this circle of realities.

But the emphasis remains on how much time you can take to rejuvenate , to recover from this cycle?
Good Health is all about relaxed mind and happier you.

My Key ten go-to activities to when I am stressed under daily life situations:

1) I watch comedy shows to distract myself from a situation and refrain from overthinking(I tend to do that a lot otherwise)
Friends, Mindy my favorite go-to.
2) I start planning for my Travel during the year, itinerary, budget planning, documentations, It always helps making a check list, that way you will always have yourself more productively engaged.
3) Reading a book . It takes no genius to know it helps manifolds.
4) I always have a movie - list ready. Also never watch a serious movie in a serious mood, it will make you more cranky. Watch humorous movies.
5) Never underestimate the power of loud music.
6) Speed dial/Facetime(God bless technology) to my BFF to gossip my heart away. It helps always.Even if its 2 am.
7) Writing - It aids me to pen my thoughts together and then may be psycho analyze them later. JK!
8) Technology/Social Media couch- Just penned that term, has made us dependent. There is no substitute to socializing with great people/ friends. I know even I have tendencies to be anti-social , but push yourself to make time for people, make real conversations, just that dont imitate Koffee with Karan. Also, avoid being Bipolar. Keep it real, Just saying!
9) Joined a dance class a month back, I destress immediately. Diverting mind is the key.
10 ) A Long hot shower, with fragrant candles( I just need to light candles everyday, more like ritual now). Or spa at my favorite Spa like Four Fountains.
Spa- Cation is a real thing!

Last week, I visited  Four Fountains, for an  'Abhyangam' massage , the Kerala experience in our very own Delhi. It not only took away my back pain, almost cured my sore throat in a magical way. It is often said that body gets fatigued by Radicals through pollution etc and its only imperative to expel these toxic radicals. Massages not only does that but relaxes your mind & soul. Its only a 60 Minute massage, so can easily tuck it in your weekday as well.

Lets love ourselves and our bodies a little more. Spa- cation or Travel, Whatever tickles your fancy.

If you would like more such reviews and my personal ideas, do feel to write back. 

Great 2017 to all the readers & friends, To humble beginnings.

Till Next