Sunday, December 2, 2012

Get the look !!

I know its December already!!
Isn't it the time of the year we all look forward to for the simple reason of indulgence towards the end of the year, making peace with few facts and getting aboard for the next one to come. I have my reasons straight to love this time of the year, one being  the Christmas eve and the other one not hard to guess NYE. Usually the NYE is a family affair for me , but yes christmas eve is for when I look forward to with lot of zest and specially to dress up for that one perfect party. Few occasions are special just for the love of dressing up.Right ??

Now when I bring up that, I also suggest that you go ahead and pick that perfect outfit from the online site I am going to disclose.
They have quite a variety which is simple, stylish and yes easy on your pockets as well (brownie points) .I am certainly in for online shopping as it helps to pick the best bet and trends in a matter of minutes without any hassles. Now without any further hints you must directly head to the treasure trove I am talking about at

I am digging in the latest trends available be it peplum, Tweeds or double breast jackets, the list is long. You must check out the look you are craving for this winter.
They say the collection is Chic, Vintage.. it's High Street Fashion...and definitely live up to it.
They were kind enough to send me a nice knotted dress which I am just waiting to wear for a occasion, add my twist to it and it would be in a outfit post soon for you guys.

Some of my favorite pieces from their collection I share with you right here : 

That Perfect Jacket and yes its Black for Dawn to Dusk

Absolute royal million buck look with all mink winter Double Breast Peplum Coat

Assymetric Drape French dress perfect for a night party

Into Winter Wilderness with Printed Kaftan Blouse

Crimson Red Peplum Coat you got to love 

Casual or Dressy they blend perfectly.

Go ahead and shop you favorite piece to Get the look & of course share with yours truly.

Time to Glam this season with Urban Diva. They have worldwide delivery.Yay on that.
You can check out their Facebook updates to stay update right here UrbanDiva9

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diva-lee !!!

Hello Dear Diary my dear readers, 

After all the madness that this Diwali has been I promised myself a post and here I am, this is me!!!
I think of starting with the happiness overload that the festival gushed with , the lights, the splendor ,the magnificence that came along. The quintessence of Diwali is family,friends & good times together , the extended dinner parties and not to forget the heap of guests. If you thought this is how I serenaded this season’s Diwali , I am not done yet, after all this is the festival right after my heart !!

It is often said we Indians need just a reason to celebrate , and Diwali is definitely one of those big fat reason for bringing on fun and fervor .Almost for a month I see my folks planning for the seasoned gifts and coaxing me to gift wrap them, I really get excited to see them putting in so much thoughts and endeavor for getting a right gift for each one including me. Over a cup of tea with very dear uncle of mine, we casually discussed gifts and on other note I quite like what he said. He said “there is lot of warmth and love hidden in every gift and it is also a hidden base for lot of strong bonds” . I could’nt agree more. 

Moving on, for me its lot about decorating the house with those gorgeous diyas, bright flowers, rangoli and every possible advent of decoratives. I soaked myself completely into these little joys of the festival  that I love the most.Also savoring the mouth watering dishes and the endless ginger tea. 

As far as my outfit goes , my all friends know I am not too much of a explorer when it comes to Indian dressing ,but it was Diwali so how could I chicken-out from indulging in a festive Indian attire. Sharing with you the snippets of the evening that followed with my all happy festival engagements.
I chose bright chanderi suit with golden hues and styled it with a coral-turquoise ring and golden cuff,here have a look : 

Decoration with gendaful

Hope each one of you had a great Diwali as well. Now I'm all set to usher into the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Much awaited time of the year. Isnt ??

Share the love !!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Black Magic !!

This blog-post is essentially named after Black as the color is timeless and one of my personal favorite .The alternative title that I thought for the post was black swan but I think magic is more like it !!

While introspecting , why black is my favorite I clearly realized that Black is the color of confidence for me ( not that I don't prefer the color-palette ) but yes I am biased  towards it like most of you and specially so for formal occasions like my Leadership Management Training cum conference session.

Well yes I had to restrict myself to the basic and not the general dressy me but yes no complaints.

The training was successful, lot of thoughts exchanging & fun activities (during work hours)

The two evenings were followed with chattering( blabbering) and a short fun picture taking stroll in the beautiful property of Royal Plaza , CP our venue .

Coming back to the outfit here have a look ( I know it's very basic ) :

Shirt -SpringBreak
Slippers- Stilettos
Black basic skirt - Marks and Specncer

For a nippy evening you can add a blazer or a scarf to the look.

For a instant plan just add some golden chunk and you're set . No brainer and perfect for almost all occasions.

Can't believe the winters are already setting in, means setting a new wardrobe and lot more shopping with my girls. Also I am one of the specie who will go hide in quilt and get frozen even at the mention of word Cold ( no exaggeration )

Special Mention : All the pictures are taken by my Senior who was kind enough to take them after the long hectic draining day. Thanks Geetika Ma'am.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fahion Galore by Anupama Dayal & Nachiket -Day 3 at Wills India Fashion week !!

Being at FDCI - WIFW was a privilege with the hustling- bustling media & fashion fraternity visiting the biggest & grandest extravaganza.

It was a riot of colours on the ramp on Day 3 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer '13 as designers Anupama Dayal and Nachiket Barve showcased their respective collections to a huge gathering of fashion experts and enthusiasts.

Anupama Dayal created Egyptian creations also adding beautiful colors and complimenting accessories. She says I have tried to go back to my roots, derive inspiration from the village weavers of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Bengal. You would find Orissa's 'ikat' craft being prominently used in my creations," she adds.

There were blues , peaches , bolero jackets ,hobo flows ,bling mang tikas , golden necklines – I just fell in love with the entire collection by her with the bohemia touch . 

Here are few picks from her enthusiastic & beautiful collection which had me absolutely head over heels for : 

The Lovely Anupama Dayal

Nachiket ‘s luxuriant collection looked great & pleased my eyes with amazing fruity & mint colors.

Chiffons, Crepes, Georgettes, Raw silk, Khadi, Washed Dupion Silk, Cotton, Chanderi and Organza form an eclectic mix of fabrics that Nachiket succeeds achieving a union of ethnic and global in.
He says "Colours make you happy and we Indians are proud of colours that define a global Indian woman." Definitely true that is !!
Here is collection by him :

The colors used & the sheer floral cape looks perfect

So did you like them as much as I did ??

Could you also attend any of the shows ?

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