Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No Fail Lipsticks for Summer 2017 Ft Myntra

Ushering into summers and breezy looks. Blurring the lines with Pastels and keeping the lipsticks bright &  Fresh.

Seasons come and go but Lipsticks are love forever.

I am not very experimental and definitely not know-it-all make up person but hey I got my basics right! If you would like some tailor made responses , queries et all please leave a comment below.

Lets move to the list where you can pick a one or two for your skin shade:

Fair skin:

Brights are way to go. Pops of Pink and orange are something you can always wear.

Something like Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-Less Red Letter Lip Colour 

Faith Hill


Lakme 9 to 5 Coral Incentive Lip Color

For Glamorous nights, don't forget to get your inner Diva on with fiery Darker hues like this 

Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Maroon Magic Matte Lipstick

Price is a steal too. You can have them all guilt-free. Dessert without calories, right ? 

Fair skin to Medium skin: 

Corals and Pinks go best with this skin shades. It just brings our the texture of your skin more softer

If you want to experiment, Burgundy or Plum is a great shade for this skin shade too. Like this one 

Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-Less Matte Burgundy

Katy Perry

Diana Gordon

Medium to Olive skin: 

Feeling lucky because you have a natural tan ? Think berries and Fuschia to make that skin more radiant looking. Coffee is a great color too apart from being favorite beverage. 


Olive to Dark skin : 

Put on great mascara to join the beehive of the sultry lookers. 

Orangey-Red is your color. Yes there is a color like that. Or a cool Grape-hint like 

Jennifer hudson

All make up references are from Grammy 2017.

Myntra has huge discounts going up , find the links below to grab your favorite shade: 

Few tips for Lipsticks application: 
  • Try and scrub and apply generous lip-balm every night.
  • Use primer always/ Little bit press powder helps
  • Outline your lips with a darker shade to give a fuller lips look and avoids bleeding lipsticks. 
  • After first coat, dab it with a tissue and apply again. This gives long lasting effect.
  • For nudes, go for smokey eyes, best combination unlocked.
  • If you oily skin type, avoid glossy shades and make Matte your best friend.
  • Use highlighter in on the Cupids bow, with nude shades as well. 

If you're a lazy girl like me, you need these in your arsenal. Also flawless make up takes ages to come, finding the best suited shades, so don't warrant yourself stress and use these tips to look your best always. 

Also, I am a huge fan of cheek and lip stains.

Go Ahead , snooze ladies, just don't forget to pack these shades in your on the move Vanity like me. 

I have a trip planned for April. Get ready for lot of Travelogues. I still have not put up the Australia one yet! 

Much Love 

Till Next 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Good health Ft Four Fountains Spa

As I always say , We are City dwellers,the doers, we have busy lives more than ever.
By Monday I am an email ninja like there is trickling bomb in my email box, by Tuesday I am on global VCs, Wednesdays I am at reviews, Oh wait ! I dont mean to give you breakdown of what my job entails, but we all are stuck in this circle of realities.

But the emphasis remains on how much time you can take to rejuvenate , to recover from this cycle?
Good Health is all about relaxed mind and happier you.

My Key ten go-to activities to when I am stressed under daily life situations:

1) I watch comedy shows to distract myself from a situation and refrain from overthinking(I tend to do that a lot otherwise)
Friends, Mindy my favorite go-to.
2) I start planning for my Travel during the year, itinerary, budget planning, documentations, It always helps making a check list, that way you will always have yourself more productively engaged.
3) Reading a book . It takes no genius to know it helps manifolds.
4) I always have a movie - list ready. Also never watch a serious movie in a serious mood, it will make you more cranky. Watch humorous movies.
5) Never underestimate the power of loud music.
6) Speed dial/Facetime(God bless technology) to my BFF to gossip my heart away. It helps always.Even if its 2 am.
7) Writing - It aids me to pen my thoughts together and then may be psycho analyze them later. JK!
8) Technology/Social Media couch- Just penned that term, has made us dependent. There is no substitute to socializing with great people/ friends. I know even I have tendencies to be anti-social , but push yourself to make time for people, make real conversations, just that dont imitate Koffee with Karan. Also, avoid being Bipolar. Keep it real, Just saying!
9) Joined a dance class a month back, I destress immediately. Diverting mind is the key.
10 ) A Long hot shower, with fragrant candles( I just need to light candles everyday, more like ritual now). Or spa at my favorite Spa like Four Fountains.
Spa- Cation is a real thing!

Last week, I visited  Four Fountains, for an  'Abhyangam' massage , the Kerala experience in our very own Delhi. It not only took away my back pain, almost cured my sore throat in a magical way. It is often said that body gets fatigued by Radicals through pollution etc and its only imperative to expel these toxic radicals. Massages not only does that but relaxes your mind & soul. Its only a 60 Minute massage, so can easily tuck it in your weekday as well.

Lets love ourselves and our bodies a little more. Spa- cation or Travel, Whatever tickles your fancy.

If you would like more such reviews and my personal ideas, do feel to write back. 

Great 2017 to all the readers & friends, To humble beginnings.

Till Next

Monday, August 15, 2016

Boudoir Elegance

Fashion is becoming more newsworthy by the day?
Look at the pace & mind shifts. There has been testaments that conceptual trends or Fashion go a long way, but are they still understood?
Do trends pick up because some celebrity endorses it? Or because it’s seen on popular people/ popular social media accounts?

Some trends are just plain reminiscence. Some full of beans. Some Street style adoptions from runway.

But do trends evolve or just take turns to hit the top ? Who creates the trends? Or if the odds are in favor, how they become viral?

Personally, I would also confess, I go after comfiest style (outgrown trends already) and style that suit my taste. I like effortless cool and classic way, I must have mentioned that a zillion times in my blog posts. But this outfit post again validates my style.

Luxe- meets-lazy girl is my go to style.

This time, Taking boudoir elegance outside my bedroom, pyjama dressing is chic and all about drenching in luxury with new realms of daytime wear. From silk robes to shirts, I probably would get them for every weekend. 

How to Pull Off the Pajama Fashion Trend Without Looking Like You Stepped Out in Your PJs:

  •         Ensure proper ironing as it could make or break your outfit goals.
  •         Try and keep sneakers and slippers out of the look, heels definitely add more sexy appeal. Of course, in case you are feeling otherwise you may experiment.And adding a pair of heel, is my weapon of choice, yes. 
  •         Bold lips could go very well with nonchalance of pyjama outfits.
  •         Right accessorizing isn't merely an afterthought but to elevate the whole look. Keep it minimal.  
  •        Be it silk or cotton, a pajama top is a chic alternative to a traditional button-down shirt. The accented piping and more open neckline make the top a perfect pairing to boyfriend jeans and pencil skirts alike. think separates like floral, chiffon pants, crotchet skirt, bright striped skirt in this outfit.
  •       Try monogrammed versions, for more luxe touch (touché)

What I Wore :

Monochrome Pyjama shirt with piping details : Dorothy perkins at Jabong( Similar)

Striped midi skirt & accessories  : Forever 21
Blue Choker    : DIY from left over from a dress fabric.
Black Pumps : Vero Moda - Hardly showing though ( because took them off to walk on grass) 

   Photography by: Anubhav Sonker who is a dear friend & travel & photography enthusiast.
   You will see more of our work together soon,  Location : Hilton

Have you embraced the trend(go the the top) yet? 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

By Muse X John Players

We know that you love fashion and hence you ought to love denims. Now that I have stated the obvious, what could one look for in a perfect pair of Denim?

Wash? Think light to deepest of blues
Fabric ? Think light ones / easy on skin / Stretchable
Fit? Think flattering on your skin / Loose denims

So, If I tell you can kill three birds with one Brand? I hope all boys are listening especially my brother. Because I am going to break down your denim styling ways into simple steps and some clever but easy styling tips for boys.

This goes for all the readers who keep asking for Men fashion tips *win*

You can style denim in 101 ways. or may be more.

I am not kidding but John Players could be your one stop shop for all the denims in amazing washes, and slogan denims which are unique. Get them before your neighbor gets them!

You can get your denim for their three range :

  • Summer Soul, which is high on style and light on weight.
  • Rock and roll, with  distinctive laser washes, metallic accents and zipper details,
  • True Dark, deep and dark shades Indigo,
Funky tees in bright shades, all sort of prints, Solid color shirts,

Scroll down for fun looks from the brand's new collection which was perfect display of fun with versatility. I love androgyny hence I am going to pick a lot for by brother & my closet too. 

Look 1 is for someone who digs, Denim on Denim , How easily its styled with folded denims & new laser technology designed Denim buttoned,dual tone washed shirt.

Cuffs has Floral details 

Look 2 Love it when Guys experiment with their share of prints. So why not ?

Look 1 Playful with Red with slogan denims.

L To R : Aditya Thapar. Apurva, Srish, Mayank, Ishaan

A long post , because I'm really feeling strongly for the collection. Go check out their stores now and don't forget to get experimental or may be use my fashion genius ways to style.

Don't forget to follow their social media updates for fun quiz and updates with #playunscripted.
Also , how bloggers styled from the collection with umpteen outfit ideas for you.

John Players 



Tell me which look is your favorite ?
Must do a post soon on androgyny, because so much love .

Till Next

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Clean white love.

You know what could be the issue with Fashion or Life in the bigger perspective, may be caring too much about it ?

I said it again.

Everyday I come across people or friends who make a livelihood out of this Industry, more often than not I would wonder behind the spotlights, beautiful people, gorgeous closets, it could be a superficial place?

But at the same time your style speaks for what you are, and that's so comforting for us few.
Clothes bring us so much joy, playing with colors, muted outfits or our glamorous ways.

I mean most Fashion Bloggers would agree to this or people who make a living out of it. I mean our love-hate relationship with Fashion.

Just a food for thought, before my move the focus of this post on my outfit.

But also I have come to realize that I dress personally according to my body type & still appreciate the trends I cant wear from the sidelines ( borrowed lines) but its true.

Saying all the philosophical things (or not) White remains as pure or real love. You can stand simple but stand out, in a white outfit. Just don't forget to be playful!

Summer appropriate is just cherry on the cake, right?
Fashion without functionality is passe hence I am stepping into my rose gold sliders everyday. A bindi is as hip as retro lenon shades.

What I Wore :

White lacey Dress with print , & Lenon shades in purple tints: Street Find( Yes!)

Bag : YSL
Bangles    : Shop Chic Saga ( Friend's label)
Studded neck piece in emerald : Blur Store
Rosegold slider : ALDO SHOES

Photography by: Vaibhav Sachdeva 
Look forward to work more with as he is getting better with every shoot. He has shot with some azaing bloggers from the circuit as well. 
Thank you Vaibhav. 
Location : JNS, AIFW AW 16
Styling : ByMuse

Shuffling between two cities, working(for a lack of better word) up on new job, a lot of compulsive shopping sums ups my summer so far.

I am heading to Rishikesh coming weekend for rafting and some chugging, really looking for some respite.
Before I pack my bags and leave for a big trip.

I want to shoot more often than I do, so much inspirations but till then will try and make more from less time.

Summer means Candy time!

Until Next

Monday, March 21, 2016

Amazon India Fashion Week - Day 2

'The Silver Theory'

The creative process can't be forced, which is why we bloggers dress up as per the mood's whimsies and let loose our creative streaks. The dress up part is a part of the creative process, if it makes sense to you.

Inspiration strikes at all times in all places and the most expected place is as I say the hipper mecca, Fashion week where we birdies breathe fashion for a week. Of course, you don’t always have the chance for that kind of ping-pong back and forth. 

Modern India, as the theme goes for this Fashion week at Amazon India by FDCI,it is definitely coming of age, where we accept & wear our culture & ethnicity with elan, with our all modern twists but sticking with the roots.
The worthy designers took the eclectic textile heritage of India forward through intelligent silhouettes, keeping with the needs of us modern women.

We saw two firsts this time, the accessory show & only menswear show, showed with ingenuity, loved every bit of it, as we strutted show to show with evoked passion for fashion & its intricacies. 

A huge shout out to the teams that well put together these stories we can absorb, these concepts & beauty in the details of the garments, the music, the special effects, the props and all the shiny sweat that goes behind pulling this off. Most of the shows I could attend were intense & memorable.
Favorite being Anavila, Pero, Pankaj & Nidhi & Sanchita.

As far as personal style goes, I never cease to lay emphasis on comfort & Mood/instincts. This summer I am feeling a lot of white & silver mixing together to create fusion renditions, with a modern twist.

On the Runway, Niki Mahajan’s all white & red ethnic collection stole my heart. Trend alert says, we are going to see a lot of white this season, more than ever.

A white sequined shirt, Holographic clutch (looks silver here), rolled up denims, popping beaded headband, silver reflectors again & high tops sums up my Indian modern outfit.
Bummer that I have my media tag on, but not with any intentions. And my Silver theory says mix it up with everything as I am taking it to my board room meetings as well with white linen crisp shirts, Funk it up with silver.

What I Wore :

White sequinned shirt , Holographic clutch & neon headband : 
Forever 21 
Ripped Denims : Vero Moda
Silver hand bangle & neck piece  : Mom's closet
High tops : Aldo

Photography by: Tarun Chawla Photography
He is such a pro! Thank you Tarun.
Location : JNS, AIFW AW 16
Styling : ByMuse

As soon as I get some more time, I will hit off my snooze button & write some more interesting show interpretations & trend approximations. 

I have been told today, I am wearing a lot of colors already so early Holi Greetings to all the readers.

Love, colors & peace.

Until Next

Monday, January 4, 2016

'Out of the Woods'

Let's tie all loose ends, or may be not, as we usher into the new year!

Close your eyes & what do you see?
Often my mother would ask me as a child, and it would be a perfect alibi from reality. From dust or sheen,
from mess or clean.

Reunited with that perfect alibi, when my photographer asked me to shut the eyes & embrace the morning & we created storyboard 'Out of the woods'

I felt calm & rebellious at the the same time, when happy feelings coincide, you know!
I have ranted enough on the blog, how I m not a morning person, but this morning has compelled me to become one. Welcoming , more Morning experiments. This is just one blog-post, probably one of the only early morning shoots, I have attempted and believe me it worked like a mind-spa.
Oh my bucket list has already begun!!

Coming to the Outfit, I thought of applying Pareto principle or whats called a 80-20 Rule, in real life.
To explain , its a rule of Vital few, which means pretty basic closet pieces like a Black sheer shirt, a long neck piece and a pastel pleated long slit skirt. Softer hues are so perfect for mornings.
A good outfit for a day albeit , you considered to take a walk in the woods before you hit your work space. Just losing yourself in a labyrinth of little streets.

Actually I had packed light for my work trip, so this was making the most of the limited closet I had. But it was refreshing to create something so impromptu. That's what real Fashion challenges are. And Yes, I totally wore this to work with minute changes. *slow claps*

Now , its your turn, to take a walk in the woods, mmm come with me ?

What I Wore (OOTD):

Black sheer shirt : By Spring Break (Online store)
Pastel soft peach shade pleated skirt & neck piece by : Forever 21
Photography by: Babul Bhatt Photography
Special Mention to this guy for being so versatile & I wish our paths cross more often & may be cities in this case. For any Fashion/ Creative shoots, his vision is perfect as a photographer & creative direction. 

Location : Bombay
Styling : ByMuse

May the Lights guide you home, wishing everyone behind the desk a very warm and happy new year ahead. More stories coming up, wishes up my aisle.

Lots of Love

Till Next