Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oxblood Love & Happy 2013 !!

Happy 2013 to each one of you & hope celebrations have got you hooked *winks*

Yes the year gone by has been more interesting than ever before, making new plans ,taking things in my stride, surrounded by happy and positive people that being the highlight actually.Also I have my own special reasons to love 2012.

I learnt to chuck the prophecy of what next and to live right in the moment. To fear no more and meet every day afresh. Sounds philosophical, yes that’s me pensive all the time. You got to know.

If you follow my facebook page MUSE,you would know, I was on a holiday with my girlfriends and that was just perfect to play dressy and bring on some fun.

Coming to oxblood love which has quite literally taken over as a rage trend this winter and we are loving to play it in various outfits and experimenting the big trend. Isn't ?

For your inspiration, wore this oxblood overcoat with a grey dress and my winter favorite boots. I am loving it, thrown an animal print stroll to keep it warmer and adding up that edge.

Bye 2012

Adjusted Belt & what was beneath the overcoat

Grey dress off shoulder: Fashion&you, Black boots: GK Shoe store, Red Belt: Yell , Overcoat Van Heusen
Golden bangles: Forever 21,Animal print stole C/O: Woolmark
Photography by Confessionz of a Closet
Location : Heritage Dev Niwas Bundi 
My lovely S & P were the ones behind the lens and I owe them for all the amazing pictures.

Also the winter has been making me numb & frozen more than ever before and the love hate kind of thing.

To the love, laughter , learning and unlearning ,forgiving and forgetting, friendship , dreams, Fashion and self love, lets raise a toast to bid adieu to the year and welcome the new with open arms.

Also let me know what do you think of the outfit ;)

Till Next