Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A ride in the city !! Part I

Since last few posts you must have gauged that I’m on a city spree and hoarding new places in my own hometown Delhi. It has almost kicked off this series & it really brings on lot of fun and something I really look forward to every week. Visiting abstract places beckons the tourist feel in your own city. You would find silence in the noise surrounding streets you have not visited before or the places which are alien to you by all means and you develop a new bond with your city .It’s the best way to forget the atrocities of your killing daily routine, experience of losing oneself following the unknown lanes.

Sounds promising? So you are headed with me to the Delhi insights from my lens as I am suddenly romancing my city.
Please don’t mind the absence of DSLR shots as I am still surviving by a Digi-cam but that doesn’t lessen in any way the joys of photography. Just saying.
Here we start .

Shall we ?

Delhi is known for its heritage & the history prevails as it is the capital of several empires. I visited the safdarjung tomb which is situated in the heart of the city and I will let pictures talk the rest : 

The majestic windows

From Front

Enigmatic view

'A' was in town and has been officially appointed as my photographer :P

An evoked tourist in me

Enjoying the Garden view
Light and darkness coexisting

Thats actually rain effect or may be my company's

The Glistening stairs after rain 

Wearing in the Post : White & Navy blue striped Tshirt  Marks & Spencer, Purple jeggings: Giordano HK , Sling Bag from Fashion and You 

What do you think ? Going to take a city ride soon like me .

More in the series coming up really soon .

For the love of newness .

Lots of Love

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bohemian Like you !!

Hi Folks,

I wrote this post last weekend Btw and sneaked time to post it now , crazy times ,yes talk about it :)

The clock is about to strike midnight when there are slight brain strokes to have it all laid here & the sharing begins .Tadaaaa !!

On another note , I was just wondering how I quip with a "Good Bye note" or that feeling , getting through them is collocation of happy tears .Same thoughts ? I am one of those who cant bid a good bye without blowing away tears happy or sad ones .I am sometimes pretentious of being strong , we all do that right .

The weekend begun with raising a toast for success of a dear friend and the sprint in the city,switching the venues and the awesomeness of flowing conversations.

Happened so, that we chose a Japanese restaurant -Yum Yum Tree at New Friends colony for the occasion, also being my first visit to the much acclaimed eatery for the Sushi lovers like my friends .
I cannot actually give an authentic review of the food because of my restricted taste buds but my friends were all gaga of the sushi and the wasabi treat. I on the other hand gorged on the yumness of the delicacies of the chocolat-y desserts .If Japanese cuisine is your type , you must visit the place for the authenticity.

A glance for you :

The Decor is Oriental
The Sushi Platter
For the sweet tooth
Can you see the Daintiness of chocolate 

Doesnt this make you smile ?

If you find the place inviting : Go book yourself a meal: & I would love to hear back from you .
Rating for Food: 3/5
Rating for Service : 3/5
Rating for Ambience : 4/5
Suggestion : Please don't order pan-cakes they would serve you some sort of species which has no resemblance of a pan-cake .

Part 2 begins:

The next trip is going to take you through the splendour of Hauz khas village - Cafe Boheme which is again my friend's discovery and is absolutely brilliant .Thank you A for that.
It's just above above Gunpowder Cafe.
Its a roof-top Cafe ,for me the lake view was the deal maker .But it's a place to be in the evening when the sun has dawned .Amazing lighting and music would keep you gleaming . Just take a cozy corner to view a lazy sunset .You would have immediately have that Bohemian feel.
View : 

Roof top view

Bohemian Like you !!

To beat heat as weekend has no blues :P

 Isnt this a gorgeous view ?

Their Fb Page :
Rating for Food: 3/5
Rating for Service : 3/5
Rating for Ambience : 5/5
Suggestion : You can order no fuss salads with some ice tea .

Hope you liked my Delhi stroll share and let me know if you are going to visit them anytime soon !!

Till then ,

For the Love of Fashion & Food now I may call it even if it's otiose  .

More Later


Friday, August 17, 2012

How to - Choose a Perfect Make up Remover

Hey Lovelies,

How is everyone doing ?

As far as I am concerned I 'm having a little rock and roll time . Since it was my Birthday month, there was a lot to keep me happily engaged and excited . It's the time of the year when I look back contemplate and appraise on the reflections of the past and what's in store and how to make things happen.
We all do that right :)
Hope you read the birthday post , if not -please click Here .

Also I feel that there are better things ahead when we leave behind few others.
I quote -Oprah Winfrey -
"You are responsible for your life. You can't keep blaming somebody else for your dysfunction. Life is really about moving on"
It really is !!!

Getting Back to this post purpose - I got some me time ,wherein I found out about make-up remover range from various Top Brands Like Mac,Body Shop & Inglot. I was looking for one eversince. Since I have an extremely Oily skin type , I had to research for my sensitive skin prior to that .
My Review :  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chasing the sun !!!

Heyyyyyy Guyyys ,

Do you wonder why the extra y-s .That is what I call - weekend effect :D

This weekend I just wanted a happy day ,let my hair down & just be into me zone ,and guess what I got exactly that. A perfect weekend getaway with lot of indulgence lot of happy conversations & much more .
You know the best feeling in the world is realizing that you're perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed.

But also me thinks that the best part of a holiday is waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. Just saying , dont judge me :P

This post is muti-puropose -sharing my review of the Movie -The Dark Knight Rises .
Okay yeah , I know I might be late in coming up with that but who cares ,I need my own reasons to be excited .Yay ???

The Dark Knight Rises is arguably a good movie in the sense that it's mostly entertaining and is worth seeing once on the big screen. 
The City Gotham is again in the need of a superhero & Batman - The superhero with no frills just perfectly fits the bill .He is good and he is justifying as the Protagonist .
The chief antagonist Bane (Tom Hardy) is intriguing and has that villianistic traits.

My Favorite characters from the Movie are Selina Kyle (Read Cat-woman) anyone who thought Hathaway couldn't pull this off should smack themselves in the face right now. She is witty and woman power in the flick . The close second Favorite is Alferd he is too cute and loyalist of Wayne who is the Batman of course .
I am also not a big fan of superhero movies , but loved this one
Directed by Christopher Nolan.

Do go and watch if you have not !! 
The second is the new find - Continental Restaurant - Spoons Bistro in GK2 
(Greater Kailash Part 2 ) which I happened to visit. Here is my review of the same & few pictures of course : 
Review Spoons Bistro in GK2
Menu which was interestingly on tablet had variety to offer from varied yummy sandwiches to scrumptious salads. The food was good and the service efficient. The interiors are done tastefully .You would notice paintings on ceilings and Majestic Lighting.
Its a perfect place to hang out for catch -ups or even business meetings .
In terms of price its not too steep .
I would surely recommend you must pay a visit ,I am sure you would find it Delectable .

Few random shots : 
Finding what to order on tablet .

Healthy yet so Yum

The mouth watering Crossini sandwiches

For getting a clearer perspective , earl grey tea :D

Dont know what mode was that but I like Crazy pics .Et tu ?
 Hope you liked the post !!!

And about the Title of the post, we all love chasing up sun ,so here is a song for us : 

We've only just begun 
Hypnotized by drums ,
Until forever comes
You'll find us Chasing the Sun !!!

Video here : 

Till Next .

Lots of Love