Sunday, August 26, 2012

A ride in the city !! Part I

Since last few posts you must have gauged that I’m on a city spree and hoarding new places in my own hometown Delhi. It has almost kicked off this series & it really brings on lot of fun and something I really look forward to every week. Visiting abstract places beckons the tourist feel in your own city. You would find silence in the noise surrounding streets you have not visited before or the places which are alien to you by all means and you develop a new bond with your city .It’s the best way to forget the atrocities of your killing daily routine, experience of losing oneself following the unknown lanes.

Sounds promising? So you are headed with me to the Delhi insights from my lens as I am suddenly romancing my city.
Please don’t mind the absence of DSLR shots as I am still surviving by a Digi-cam but that doesn’t lessen in any way the joys of photography. Just saying.
Here we start .

Shall we ?

Delhi is known for its heritage & the history prevails as it is the capital of several empires. I visited the safdarjung tomb which is situated in the heart of the city and I will let pictures talk the rest : 

The majestic windows

From Front

Enigmatic view

'A' was in town and has been officially appointed as my photographer :P

An evoked tourist in me

Enjoying the Garden view
Light and darkness coexisting

Thats actually rain effect or may be my company's

The Glistening stairs after rain 

Wearing in the Post : White & Navy blue striped Tshirt  Marks & Spencer, Purple jeggings: Giordano HK , Sling Bag from Fashion and You 

What do you think ? Going to take a city ride soon like me .

More in the series coming up really soon .

For the love of newness .

Lots of Love


  1. Delhi has so many places to love!

    I am loving the striped top on you!

    ❤ A Pretty Little Mess

  2. Yes true , I am in love with the city all over again .

    Thanks you so much sweetie . Stripes are my personal favorite :D

  3. Cool !! Your photographer has done a great job indeed :)


  4. Thanks Shalini , You are so right Indeed all credits to my photographer :)