Friday, August 24, 2012

Bohemian Like you !!

Hi Folks,

I wrote this post last weekend Btw and sneaked time to post it now , crazy times ,yes talk about it :)

The clock is about to strike midnight when there are slight brain strokes to have it all laid here & the sharing begins .Tadaaaa !!

On another note , I was just wondering how I quip with a "Good Bye note" or that feeling , getting through them is collocation of happy tears .Same thoughts ? I am one of those who cant bid a good bye without blowing away tears happy or sad ones .I am sometimes pretentious of being strong , we all do that right .

The weekend begun with raising a toast for success of a dear friend and the sprint in the city,switching the venues and the awesomeness of flowing conversations.

Happened so, that we chose a Japanese restaurant -Yum Yum Tree at New Friends colony for the occasion, also being my first visit to the much acclaimed eatery for the Sushi lovers like my friends .
I cannot actually give an authentic review of the food because of my restricted taste buds but my friends were all gaga of the sushi and the wasabi treat. I on the other hand gorged on the yumness of the delicacies of the chocolat-y desserts .If Japanese cuisine is your type , you must visit the place for the authenticity.

A glance for you :

The Decor is Oriental
The Sushi Platter
For the sweet tooth
Can you see the Daintiness of chocolate 

Doesnt this make you smile ?

If you find the place inviting : Go book yourself a meal: & I would love to hear back from you .
Rating for Food: 3/5
Rating for Service : 3/5
Rating for Ambience : 4/5
Suggestion : Please don't order pan-cakes they would serve you some sort of species which has no resemblance of a pan-cake .

Part 2 begins:

The next trip is going to take you through the splendour of Hauz khas village - Cafe Boheme which is again my friend's discovery and is absolutely brilliant .Thank you A for that.
It's just above above Gunpowder Cafe.
Its a roof-top Cafe ,for me the lake view was the deal maker .But it's a place to be in the evening when the sun has dawned .Amazing lighting and music would keep you gleaming . Just take a cozy corner to view a lazy sunset .You would have immediately have that Bohemian feel.
View : 

Roof top view

Bohemian Like you !!

To beat heat as weekend has no blues :P

 Isnt this a gorgeous view ?

Their Fb Page :
Rating for Food: 3/5
Rating for Service : 3/5
Rating for Ambience : 5/5
Suggestion : You can order no fuss salads with some ice tea .

Hope you liked my Delhi stroll share and let me know if you are going to visit them anytime soon !!

Till then ,

For the Love of Fashion & Food now I may call it even if it's otiose  .

More Later



  1. Really nice and clear pics. And yeah the view is amazing. Hauz khas is a ray of hope :)

    Folllow u :)

    Chck out my blog!

  2. Thanks Eshna , For dropping by :)
    I am glad you liked them . Hauz khas is def one of it's kind .