Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happiness ♥♥ :)

Hello Lucky People ,

You must be wondering how are you Lucky right , Ok let me explain a bit cz you are being gifted with umpteen reasons to be Happy .Really !!! Like what ?  Ok Like: 
  • Your Perfect face ( which you might think is not so perfect :P never mind )
  • Your Loving Parents ( yes they shout every now and then ) 
  • Apple of your eyes -Your Siblings ( Indeed they are born to irritate )
  • Love of your Life ( They misunderstand )
  • Honest Friends ( They Manipulate & are Impossible I'snt )
  • Your Neighbours ( Seems always Jealous ) 
  • Your Domesic Help ( They take too many offs without informing ) 
  • Your Boss ( Mention Not how Unkind )
  • Your Driver ( Rash & Insane ) 
  • Your Job ( Last not the least - takes all your energy & time ) 
Enough examples .Hope you got the hang of it .I have been knowing ever since that Happiness is just a state of mind & a deep gratitude for what we have been blessed with .

Well my Take says - we all face ups and downs ( quite often disbalanced ) but as the wise people say what we think will expand .So focusing on what we have ,than what we do not have ( rule can be twisted when it comes to a girl's closet ) . I am making this a thumb rule .Are you with me ( you better be )

Reaseach says following factors make us happy ( Just reminding I know u know already )  :

  1. Pleasure (tasty foods, warm baths, etc.),
  2. Engagement (or flow, the absorption of an enjoyed yet challenging activity),
  3. Relationships (social ties have turned out to be extremely reliable indicator of happiness),
  4. Meaning (a perceived quest or belonging to something bigger), and
  5. Accomplishments (having realized tangible goals,Money is a big part of it .I'snt ).
But remember you can't be rocking at every front ( some people are plain exceptions )  .Be happy in the front you are rocking ( make at least the most ) .Yes, you got it Right .

I quote Russell - "The good life, as I conceive it, is a Happy life. I do not mean that if you are good you will be happy - I mean that if you are happy you will be good."

Anyway Happiness & Fashion goes hand in hand ( otherwise Designers would'nt have any jobs :P ).

What 's my Inspiration this time around is this :

Oh Boy/Girl :P This is some serious Colour Blocking .Bright Pink I prefer to call it Fushchia with an Tangerine Red .It's an amazing Blend & not even overboard . Accessorizing could'nt have been better - Golden Neck Tussle with a Bling Clutch Bag :)

Spring is ushering .Whats on my list ,gotto be ready with the same .Throw some tips if you already Have .

Much Love

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mode CeleBration-I

Hello Lovely People ,

Whats up .Lots happening on occasion on Holi .V.I.B.G.Y.O.R - What is life without colours :)
Just to let you know I had some serious mood swings beginning of the week .Had been a real torcher . These Corporates I tell you !So the break was much much awaited .

You got it right hence the Celebration Mode ~ Happy Holi ~ Family & Friends , Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs ,are the Ingredients of Perfect Holi. It was so much fun taking a city ride ,visiting Family Friends ,endless gossips over coffee on varied topics .( Read too much Politics talks Post Assembly Elections - Apprectaion for Akhilesh , if he will be the next doting CM )  Anyway ....It was all in all happy family affair . Hope ur s too .

Here I am posting a pic :

Also , It happens to be International Women's day Today-8th March .International Women's Day is an occasion to honor and praise women for their accomplishments.But I do believe we women celebrate it everyday in our own ways :)

I quote Kelis  : When a woman is assertive and adamant about what she wants, she's totally branded a 'bitch,' 'difficult,' 'hard to work with,' or whatever the case may be. You know what? I'll take it. Call me a bitch, call me whatever, it doesn't matter. What it all boils down to is when the day is over, I'm still walking away with what it is that I came in there to get.
Quite Like it ,Do You ?

On the Fashion Front , I am adoring these wayfares .They are Rage ! Notice them on Avril .She is looking Perfectly Chic :

 I think I m on the way of becoming a sunglasses freak ( Read also a sunglass freak ) .Coz I want every shape at the least, to Spare the sun .Never Mind !

Wish me luck .I have a stress week leftover ahead . Nocturnal Traits coz my mind isn't ticking off .

Peace & Serenity to you all .

Till Then