Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mode CeleBration-I

Hello Lovely People ,

Whats up .Lots happening on occasion on Holi .V.I.B.G.Y.O.R - What is life without colours :)
Just to let you know I had some serious mood swings beginning of the week .Had been a real torcher . These Corporates I tell you !So the break was much much awaited .

You got it right hence the Celebration Mode ~ Happy Holi ~ Family & Friends , Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs ,are the Ingredients of Perfect Holi. It was so much fun taking a city ride ,visiting Family Friends ,endless gossips over coffee on varied topics .( Read too much Politics talks Post Assembly Elections - Apprectaion for Akhilesh , if he will be the next doting CM )  Anyway ....It was all in all happy family affair . Hope ur s too .

Here I am posting a pic :

Also , It happens to be International Women's day Today-8th March .International Women's Day is an occasion to honor and praise women for their accomplishments.But I do believe we women celebrate it everyday in our own ways :)

I quote Kelis  : When a woman is assertive and adamant about what she wants, she's totally branded a 'bitch,' 'difficult,' 'hard to work with,' or whatever the case may be. You know what? I'll take it. Call me a bitch, call me whatever, it doesn't matter. What it all boils down to is when the day is over, I'm still walking away with what it is that I came in there to get.
Quite Like it ,Do You ?

On the Fashion Front , I am adoring these wayfares .They are Rage ! Notice them on Avril .She is looking Perfectly Chic :

 I think I m on the way of becoming a sunglasses freak ( Read also a sunglass freak ) .Coz I want every shape at the least, to Spare the sun .Never Mind !

Wish me luck .I have a stress week leftover ahead . Nocturnal Traits coz my mind isn't ticking off .

Peace & Serenity to you all .

Till Then