Sunday, February 26, 2012

**Shine ON ** !!!!

Hey People .

How u doing . Is Fashion in sync .Just kidding :)

A steady weekend brought sinful relaxation .I seem to be not having enough of it ....Dreaded Monday Cant i ward u off  :P Sure you with me , on this !

Right now glued to Star dust awards , you too followed ? 

Anyway , Here is the Guest Blog By My BFF - Surbhi Manocha Choudhary ,she was kind enough to share some excerpts of her Fashion Sense . Aim to take you through the basics one more time :)

Before her part , this is what I would like to share about Her :

Surbhi Manocha Choudary is  a Consultant Trainer, she took up this career option after her daughter was born and she could not work full time due to the demands of being a Mother. She has diverse professional experience in the field of Banking,Insurance and Pharmaceuticals. She has lived in Cosmopolitans and Small cities having firsthand experience on living single and independent. Her interest includes blogging, creative writing, meeting people, reading, twirling the hula hoop and Travelling. She is a feminist and believes in equity for all. ( Now that 's a Heavy duty Intro :P )

Her Part for you Guys :
Thanks Muse .It's a Pleasure to Share My Piece of mind on : A FEW MUST DOS AND MUST HAVES.Here I Go :

ATTITUDE; as per the dictionary is
“manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind”
So , when we say “ Wear your attitude " ,  you are actually wearing what’s on your mind.
So the primary principle is to wear clean and ironed clothes, relating it to being a clear or clean headed person.  Don’t be faddish. What I am trying to say is Don’t be faddish in your attitude or dressing. Don’t just follow a trend.  First see if it suits you & if you are comfortable in doing or wearing what is happening around. For example if you see people cheat and climb the ladder of success, and you are ok with it, go ahead and follow.
Be a combination, follow the latest but don’t leave the original. Follow the latest trends in clothing , footwear and accessories in the market,  at the same time merge it  with an old jeans that fit you well or a classic short/long skirt which you have had for years in your wardrobe and you know it looks fab on you. Here again the point is, don’t forget your set of values for what’s happening around you, be flexible and find a way to agree to disagree.
Don’t try and fit yourself into things that don’t look good on you. Look at your body size and shape and then wear things. If you have fleshy thighs avoid wearing shorts or fitting skirts, instead  go for Flared skirts short or long. When we try and be a part of a group even after knowing it’s not what we are then this is the disaster that happens. Also , Choose your company wisely.
Get quality stuff and things you like. Don’t simply buy something because you think it’s a big brand or name. Love yourself.  You don’t need endorsements and testimonials from people telling you how good you are. You know what you are and what your worth it. Here I would quote Sudhir Krishnan “It does not matter that you have low net worth, as much as it matters that you have low self-worth.” So a Gucci or an Armani will not compliment your attitude if you have them, in fact it might just have the opposite effect & make you look like a wannbe.
When you party make sure you have the right posture . If you are a happy go lucky sporty person, do be careful wearing deep necks or strapless  dresses or tops. It might lead to a wardrobe malfunction or you might be spending a lot of time adjusting your dress and feeling self- conscious about what you are wearing. You are at ease when you choose the right company and right words. You don’t need to worry about trying too hard in such relationships.
A Must have in your shoe rack is all kind of pairs in Black:Pumps, peep toes, stilettos, boots and the like. Just , like it is important to have self respect . Don’t compromise on this. Have lovely fragrances and always apply them. Spread the fragrance of the goodness in you and make the surrounding pleasant.
Do not buy many clothes  and dump them in your  cupboard, buy the ones you know you would use and wear. Just like making many relationships and not being able to maintain them. Limit it to those you can keep.
To sum it all up, the most important thing to have is an Honest smile on your face as being happy is the key to looking great.
Be Happy in your skin and Dare to be Yourself.

-Surbhi -
I could 'nt agree more with her . Thanks for being here & sharing the basics. Being Fashionable ,is in being comfortable in one's own skin .So , Live it up !!!!Readers Hope you'll find her Tips Handy .

Next time see u guys with an outfit post hopefully .

Till then take care of yourselves ,

Keep the Fashion alive & Romance your lives :) 

Shine ON-Bright  !!!



  1. Beautifully written while relating it 2 d hard cores of reality:))