Sunday, February 12, 2012

We found love at a hopeless place♥♥

Hey Hello,Hello Hey ,

The idea is just to make u smile :)

I am just too excited before sharing my crazy weekend fun with u guys .How have u been doing people ??

This weekend was 'all in all' just so perfect . Running around did'nt hurt a bit .The best part is surprises and a litsy-bitsy photo sessions ,endless gossips ,brownie ,nachos and popkorns yes i saw the movie too - ek main aur aur ek tu -review little later .Result : Delighted me .It was sort of pay back time .

Okie so the venue was Amity Campus Noida ....there was indeed hoolah happeningness (read -unable to find a perfect word ) but who cares to be perfect :) yes and i made an fake id entry that made it all the more adventurous. A perfect jazzy evening .It did remind me of my MBA days surely . Immediately I was found mentioning -" youth is beauty " on my bbm status . There were games , Jamming session & the dope shope singing . & Fashion was in right order too . I picked up few amazing styling hints . Green jeggings that my GF wore was surely making heads turn , yes i did notice :) Mustard bag ,Golden Off shoulder top , tango stilettos were surely oomphy !!!!!That also made me review my must haves -ohh yes they are so ever changing sorts :)

I'm gonna surely going to break my pockets on something like these~TANGO !! :

Yes coming back to Edward Maya part ~ People- Including me were found shouting ,yelling 'Stereo Love' amidst the waving hands in the air and the crowd was literally maddening ,a mini stampede was on the way .
But no complaints ! Yes also to mention my friend also picked up a u bitch-u bitch -f*** u sort of fight with a stupid female . I had to calm her before she actually punched her silly face . Think that is normal behaviour of a hyper audience :P We were safely in the excited ones lot & not hyper for sure.

Have a look at the International super pseudo Musician :"Edward Maya": That's his name :P
P.s - I joke and I instantly laugh over them :)

He was 11 on 10 for his Appearance in Beige Jacket and Black pleated pants . and I specifically loved the way he waved his hands .No there was something about it :) and when he played his signature instrument :accordion : It was a treat to hear it

And out of the blue moon it started to rain . Could I ask for more : No . The memoirs will stay long for this lovely evening .

Followed by this had a relaxed sundae including cracking long pending chores .Read - Balanced  .

After the 'Whimsical weekend' -I'm already getting cranky with a Monday inch close .Have a packed up week .

See you soon with a Lot More .

Till then Smile my Lovely Readers :)


P.S - Forgot to mention :the Title "We found love at a hopeless place"  is picked from Rihanna 's track I have been listening to back to back !!!!

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