Monday, January 9, 2017

Good health Ft Four Fountains Spa

As I always say , We are City dwellers,the doers, we have busy lives more than ever.
By Monday I am an email ninja like there is trickling bomb in my email box, by Tuesday I am on global VCs, Wednesdays I am at reviews, Oh wait ! I dont mean to give you breakdown of what my job entails, but we all are stuck in this circle of realities.

But the emphasis remains on how much time you can take to rejuvenate , to recover from this cycle?
Good Health is all about relaxed mind and happier you.

My Key ten go-to activities to when I am stressed under daily life situations:

1) I watch comedy shows to distract myself from a situation and refrain from overthinking(I tend to do that a lot otherwise)
Friends, Mindy my favorite go-to.
2) I start planning for my Travel during the year, itinerary, budget planning, documentations, It always helps making a check list, that way you will always have yourself more productively engaged.
3) Reading a book . It takes no genius to know it helps manifolds.
4) I always have a movie - list ready. Also never watch a serious movie in a serious mood, it will make you more cranky. Watch humorous movies.
5) Never underestimate the power of loud music.
6) Speed dial/Facetime(God bless technology) to my BFF to gossip my heart away. It helps always.Even if its 2 am.
7) Writing - It aids me to pen my thoughts together and then may be psycho analyze them later. JK!
8) Technology/Social Media couch- Just penned that term, has made us dependent. There is no substitute to socializing with great people/ friends. I know even I have tendencies to be anti-social , but push yourself to make time for people, make real conversations, just that dont imitate Koffee with Karan. Also, avoid being Bipolar. Keep it real, Just saying!
9) Joined a dance class a month back, I destress immediately. Diverting mind is the key.
10 ) A Long hot shower, with fragrant candles( I just need to light candles everyday, more like ritual now). Or spa at my favorite Spa like Four Fountains.
Spa- Cation is a real thing!

Last week, I visited  Four Fountains, for an  'Abhyangam' massage , the Kerala experience in our very own Delhi. It not only took away my back pain, almost cured my sore throat in a magical way. It is often said that body gets fatigued by Radicals through pollution etc and its only imperative to expel these toxic radicals. Massages not only does that but relaxes your mind & soul. Its only a 60 Minute massage, so can easily tuck it in your weekday as well.

Lets love ourselves and our bodies a little more. Spa- cation or Travel, Whatever tickles your fancy.

If you would like more such reviews and my personal ideas, do feel to write back. 

Great 2017 to all the readers & friends, To humble beginnings.

Till Next

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