Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Black Magic !!

This blog-post is essentially named after Black as the color is timeless and one of my personal favorite .The alternative title that I thought for the post was black swan but I think magic is more like it !!

While introspecting , why black is my favorite I clearly realized that Black is the color of confidence for me ( not that I don't prefer the color-palette ) but yes I am biased  towards it like most of you and specially so for formal occasions like my Leadership Management Training cum conference session.

Well yes I had to restrict myself to the basic and not the general dressy me but yes no complaints.

The training was successful, lot of thoughts exchanging & fun activities (during work hours)

The two evenings were followed with chattering( blabbering) and a short fun picture taking stroll in the beautiful property of Royal Plaza , CP our venue .

Coming back to the outfit here have a look ( I know it's very basic ) :

Shirt -SpringBreak
Slippers- Stilettos
Black basic skirt - Marks and Specncer

For a nippy evening you can add a blazer or a scarf to the look.

For a instant plan just add some golden chunk and you're set . No brainer and perfect for almost all occasions.

Can't believe the winters are already setting in, means setting a new wardrobe and lot more shopping with my girls. Also I am one of the specie who will go hide in quilt and get frozen even at the mention of word Cold ( no exaggeration )

Special Mention : All the pictures are taken by my Senior who was kind enough to take them after the long hectic draining day. Thanks Geetika Ma'am.

Till Next

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