Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diva-lee !!!

Hello Dear Diary my dear readers, 

After all the madness that this Diwali has been I promised myself a post and here I am, this is me!!!
I think of starting with the happiness overload that the festival gushed with , the lights, the splendor ,the magnificence that came along. The quintessence of Diwali is family,friends & good times together , the extended dinner parties and not to forget the heap of guests. If you thought this is how I serenaded this season’s Diwali , I am not done yet, after all this is the festival right after my heart !!

It is often said we Indians need just a reason to celebrate , and Diwali is definitely one of those big fat reason for bringing on fun and fervor .Almost for a month I see my folks planning for the seasoned gifts and coaxing me to gift wrap them, I really get excited to see them putting in so much thoughts and endeavor for getting a right gift for each one including me. Over a cup of tea with very dear uncle of mine, we casually discussed gifts and on other note I quite like what he said. He said “there is lot of warmth and love hidden in every gift and it is also a hidden base for lot of strong bonds” . I could’nt agree more. 

Moving on, for me its lot about decorating the house with those gorgeous diyas, bright flowers, rangoli and every possible advent of decoratives. I soaked myself completely into these little joys of the festival  that I love the most.Also savoring the mouth watering dishes and the endless ginger tea. 

As far as my outfit goes , my all friends know I am not too much of a explorer when it comes to Indian dressing ,but it was Diwali so how could I chicken-out from indulging in a festive Indian attire. Sharing with you the snippets of the evening that followed with my all happy festival engagements.
I chose bright chanderi suit with golden hues and styled it with a coral-turquoise ring and golden cuff,here have a look : 

Decoration with gendaful

Hope each one of you had a great Diwali as well. Now I'm all set to usher into the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Much awaited time of the year. Isnt ??

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  1. Lovely textiles and weavings in your outfit, I really like Indian embroidery and embellished bits and pieces. Have a few bits and pieces in my Flora collection. Xx
    Happy Diwali! Kind wishes, Flora

  2. Thank you so much.Yes Indian fabrics are gorgeous to say the least this one is called chanderi silk.