Monday, March 30, 2015

Polka Ville!

Look out for an Outfit post below which is mostly candid & You can recreate the look in spur of a moment. Fashion high-five ?

I think the finest pictures are candid. Don't you ?

Also , I think its interesting how something has been done before a million times, but you still reinvent it & call it your own. Wear it & own it. Like I wore my Polka shirt and called it my Polka Ville!

The look is relaxed yet apt for an evening dressed up look. Giving my favorite pair of jeans rest, I paired it with my Maxi Dress. The highlight is also that I'm happily wearing the neck piece from my best friend's label Shop Chic Saga.
This outfit has come together with my night's go to lip-shade- 'Relentless Red' lips by Mac.

I have mentioned my love for the season, my new Shiney Oxford shoes by Zara. I am going to live in them as I claimed it in my last outfit post called Fashionology! ! Just living up to it.

And you,Stir up!


Black Polka Shirt.: Thrifted
Maxi Dress : Forever 21 Online Store
Shiny oxfords : Zara
Statement Necklace: Friend's label Shop Chic Saga
Crossbody Bright Red Sling.: Forever21 ( Also , styled here )

Photography by my partner in crime Shaily from COC
Location : Citywalk

This was right before we were headed to an eventful night for an event for Benetton <3

What do you think of this plain vanilla but a little twisted Polka-Ville look ?

Let me know. Also I have started Yoga as I mentioned in my previous post & I think it has me forever. Will try and do on a post soon on that.  What is catching your Fancy ?

Enjoy the breeze, before the excruciating summer sets in!

Till Next


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  1. i love how that sephora bag in the background compliments and blends in the picture.. love <3