Saturday, April 4, 2015

Step up !

Life of a Fashion Blogger, if you ask, is totally unpredictable, demanding, super fun & yes, stressful like a full time job. But the key is to find the right balance & to 'Step up' the Fashion game.

To breathe every outfit!

Putting outfits together, is like solving a puzzle. One must understand the body type, personal taste & occasion.

But the fun part is you can Play with trends, just don't go ablaze. Pun Intented.

'Step up' was also a movie based on Flash Mob dancers which also goes with the theme of the outfit Street-style. And I had no reference in mind as such, but the theme is just co-incidental.

This was my Outfit for AIFW 2015.
A day full of buzz, full blown out talent of Indie Designers, hanging out with favorite Fashion people, Shoots, selfie games & you thought it was just a Fashion week!

Keeping in mind the high octane day, I chose Monochrome with a twist.
Bringing sexy Muscle-tee back & how!

You may completely ignore my serious look though but not my current Favorite Strappy-sliders.
Yes it rhymes. I will always have a poet's streak.

Black basic Tee (Worn underneath) - Zara
Muscle Tee with Caption  : Forever 21 Online Store
Stappy Sliders with Gloden Studs, Reflectors & White Sling Bag : Forever21
Faux leather white Skirt: Koovs

Photography & Concept by: Nikhil Kumar Photography
Location : Pragati Maidan
Styling : Muse
It's weekend. Pour yourself some wine, enjoy the breeze & rains if you happen to be in Delhi's bipolar weather.

Till Next


  1. Muse my Dears, you look fabulous and fun! I love your lip colour, too, what a hue! :D
    It's crazy weather here in Brisbane, AUS. Rain showers, sunshine and then rain again. Also very hot still!!!
    By the way, your hair is always beautiful. Do you use coconut oil? xx

    1. Thank You Love! I have a very oily scalp & skin hence I refrain from any Oil treatments. They are just naturally messy like that :) Keep visiting me & leave your lovely feedback always. Yes the lipshade is so summertime!