Sunday, January 29, 2012

Code B & W

Hey Readers ,

To begin with we all had a fantaboulous Weekend ,Didnt we ;).That curling up late in the quilts ,pile on tv ,and endless cups of coffee.....just don't want this leisure time to come to an end .But a shrewd Monday about to strike a good morning .Never Mind !   

Ok so what's code B&W.....Yes u guessed it right " Black & White ".When coded together it can give variant amazing effects .

Prints or simple mix and match you can give it an epic look without much complications .Isnt ?

What to pick ...what to wear has an easy answer : B & W !!!!

Have a look below :

My friend who s in B&W - also would like to mention she has accesorized it well with a tie up head band That 's so nice .See below -

Sport the b&w with oodles of confidence and watch the difference it makes :)

B & W was also Audrey Hepburn's fav :

Share the love .

Signing off with love

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