Thursday, January 26, 2012

We the Republicans :D

Hey Readers ,

Too much on my mind .ya that's right !

Followed by a hectic week start , a pleasant mid - week thanks "happy Republic day " :D

Last evening had a long discussion with Sakshi who sounded just like my Soul sister,gotto mention over the amazing Irish coffee Latte . Some people have just so soothing effects on you .....

This Post is random & is not carrying any fashion disclaimer as of now :P

The look up is bright on the republic day eve !!!

Free spirits basking with essence of freedom . That"s us the proud Indians . We believe in "no mater what it takes " ....isnt ?

The "Tiranga"  as we lovingly call it is an amazing blend of deep Saffron, white, and green :)

Look at this below :

The Nail art is super-duper cute .Isn't guys ?

Ending on a 'Jai Hind' note...Enjoy ur left over of the week ahead - precisely just 'a' day -sure that makes u happy .

Love to all !

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