Saturday, January 21, 2012

Colour Block with Navy Blue

Hey Readers ,

Did I keep u waiting for too long .Blame it on the busiest weekdays ....aah not really though :p

Anyway to begin with This is the first Official Blog so I am much excited & am thrilled too .

The pictures are 'lil' lame so bear with them .

The idea is to convey the message for "Colour Block" .

& This time around it's the safest bet u can try on  : keeping Basic blue ( navy ) & playing around with colours along .It would be an ideal winter wear & give you that fashion strike all the time u sport it .

So go ahead and try it on .

Like a peek of what I tried will go along well in formal as well as informal attire .

Also let me know your verdict of this combination - Bright orange stole with the Blue pullover .

Also My friend teamed it up with Bright Pink with slimming basic blue jeggings .Have a look above

Tell me how u experimented/goin to experiment with the colour  .

Much Love


  1. "Bright orange stole with the Blue pullover" the combination is cool no doubt but u look supercool for sure <3 ..Love this pic !

    1. Thanks darl :) what a surprise .
      coming from u is surely a big compliment >
      muah xoxo

  2. Electric blue is definitely in and color of the season.. Bright orange scarf is enhancing it and making a great combination..
    Looking great :)

  3. Thanks Babe :) also u have perfected the fashion quotient with those lovely Zara jeggings .
    muah xoxo