Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lets Play 'My Skin, My City'- II

We are city dwellers, the dreamers and more often the doers.

Our schedules run faster than clocks and often we are not just flesh & blood.

Yes, I am a city woman. My skin takes a toll most of the times & clear smooth skin is only a luxury for me. My city is the capital of India, probably the most polluted city of India. Before I even begin to discuss the odd or even of it, you know pollution is not just Delhi’s concern but mostly all metros or cities have same issues. We have seen drab advertisements that show how one gets bogged down by pollution & adverse effects on skin, but that is mostly true. During summer, sun is so harsh that skin almost goes through the dreary. Winters are mostly harsh too. No I am not getting my rants on, but just stating the obvious concerns of skin.

When it comes to taking care of my skin, I like to keep things quick, effortless and less than 5 minutes. So, when I played this fun game, I was intrigued to find out my skin score. My City score as well. This fun game will only tell you your skin based needs by answering these simple questions. It will bring to you notice what your skin asking for. Consider this, as an expert answering your questions or queries away. Check my City's score

Best part, it takes exactly two minutes. If you are giving it a miss, at your own risk because the app could be used the entire week. Share with your friends and know their score too. Girlfriends need some talking point & aint skincare & make up talks the best? Long calls & discussing skin regime are like what strawberry Jam is to bread. My Love for strawberry is not so discreet. And clear skin too may be.  Well who doesn’t? 

‘My Skin, My City’ is just app for us to find out the current skin quench.

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All we need is Fine wine, fuzzy socks & smooth skin, not in any particular order of course.

Have you read my last post on skincare yet?

Beauty is skin deep but having a smooth skin just doesn’t hurt either.

Today Morning, I was humming, Last Christmas I gave you my heart. It is still running in my head. Let’s plunge into holidays & seasonal greetings, you guys.

Till next 


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