Monday, December 21, 2015

Let's Play- 'My Skin My City'

I dread winter season usually, not only because I sleep under piles of blankets, one just doesn’t make a cut for me, I layer at least three piece of clothing at a time. I might be dreaming of summers already.

Skin wise, acne would just show up anytime, skin needs so much moisturizer, round the clock, perennial winter skin concerns and you can’t find time for that sheet mask. How I wish to, though!

The upside has to be my European style room heater that is the new investment, I have all possible layering pieces in my wardrobe, practically winter ready closet.
Also our skin needs beauty foods and a glass of wine, may be.

And did someone sing-Jingle bells? One like me would also find relief in mysterious mix of patchouli and musk’s.

Too much love-hate relationship, you see. Well shades of Grey, describes winters best.

We have too many questions, about our skin issues in winters especially. I came across this fun app by EMAMI BoroPlus which lets you almost play it like a game  and will tell you a skin score on a scale of 10 by answering ten simple basic skin questions.  Not just that, it gives you a basic solution also as per the skin status. What a win!

You can also know your city score as well, and compare it with your score. Fun for all, right? Just go ahead and play through this app  Boroplus healthy skin

Tell me your score in the comments below, share it with your friends through social media. Girls just want have some fun!

Come join the party!

I am sure there are much more activities lined up by them.

Follow them here :

BoroPlus Social Profiles

On other note, I am headed to Bombay for a week. Whee New Year & the resolutions. I am also going to make a video on my reflections and my 2016 resolutions so that I can share it with you and keep it for my reference sake ,look out on my Instagram account for that where I share my daily madness.
I have placed my order for Rum cake & a bottle of Wine, for stay in Christmas & doing some drunk calls to my girls may be. Because its getting weenie colder?

To many more travels, shopping and Bliss awaits 2016, Big hugs to everyone!

Till Next. 



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