Monday, January 4, 2016

'Out of the Woods'

Let's tie all loose ends, or may be not, as we usher into the new year!

Close your eyes & what do you see?
Often my mother would ask me as a child, and it would be a perfect alibi from reality. From dust or sheen,
from mess or clean.

Reunited with that perfect alibi, when my photographer asked me to shut the eyes & embrace the morning & we created storyboard 'Out of the woods'

I felt calm & rebellious at the the same time, when happy feelings coincide, you know!
I have ranted enough on the blog, how I m not a morning person, but this morning has compelled me to become one. Welcoming , more Morning experiments. This is just one blog-post, probably one of the only early morning shoots, I have attempted and believe me it worked like a mind-spa.
Oh my bucket list has already begun!!

Coming to the Outfit, I thought of applying Pareto principle or whats called a 80-20 Rule, in real life.
To explain , its a rule of Vital few, which means pretty basic closet pieces like a Black sheer shirt, a long neck piece and a pastel pleated long slit skirt. Softer hues are so perfect for mornings.
A good outfit for a day albeit , you considered to take a walk in the woods before you hit your work space. Just losing yourself in a labyrinth of little streets.

Actually I had packed light for my work trip, so this was making the most of the limited closet I had. But it was refreshing to create something so impromptu. That's what real Fashion challenges are. And Yes, I totally wore this to work with minute changes. *slow claps*

Now , its your turn, to take a walk in the woods, mmm come with me ?

What I Wore (OOTD):

Black sheer shirt : By Spring Break (Online store)
Pastel soft peach shade pleated skirt & neck piece by : Forever 21
Photography by: Babul Bhatt Photography
Special Mention to this guy for being so versatile & I wish our paths cross more often & may be cities in this case. For any Fashion/ Creative shoots, his vision is perfect as a photographer & creative direction. 

Location : Bombay
Styling : ByMuse

May the Lights guide you home, wishing everyone behind the desk a very warm and happy new year ahead. More stories coming up, wishes up my aisle.

Lots of Love

Till Next

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