Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ten Summer Tips!

The summer time sadness is hitting the chords & I only wish if we were making the trips to mountains.In this moment of crisis, I am sharing my secrets for keeping this summer bearable,like a Boss!

It's mid summer already but we still have a long way to go before we usher into monsoon.

In no particular order:  
  • Don't Give up on shopping - Just shift to online shopping or mall hopping- There is nothing that brightens my mood more than shopping.I am not a victim either so indoors is my bet.All I am saying is don't die waiting for summers to leave.Head out & stock your closet with happy prints & dose of colors.You will not regret.
  • Keep your skin essentials accessible in handbag- With the living in suitcase lifestyle, you cannot afford to miss out on keeping your essentials handy.Instead of getting baked, reapply your sunscreen everytime you step out. Make skin essential's vanity pouch in your handbag carrying a sanitizer,spray, sunscreen(suit to skin type ),hair pins,face wash, lip balm with SPF.A bright lipstick would'nt hurt either. Keep lesser basic things to make them really accessible & not just cluttered.
  • Embrace Cotton- I always think more of comfort to skin in summer than excitement of raunchy fabrics.There is nothing like what cotton feels.Embrace Cotton in various avatars like Indian Salwar kameez or fusion cotton dhoti pants.You would be rewarded either way.
  • Keep yourself hydrated : I know this is cliched, but you cant miss this, the good skin starts from within. Though I have troublesome skin issues that refuse to die, I never forget to keep myself hydrated enough.Did you know, your mood swings could be because you are dehydrated.Just saying!
  • Foot care:  It's summer time & the part which suffers the most is indeed our feet.Dirt & sun-tan,we deserve that foot massage & little spa time.
  • Make a white T-shirt & scarf your best friend- If there is anything that you can instantly dresup or down is a white tshirt & a scarf. No dont make it plain vanilla but add your punch of accessories & bright bag along with it.It will keep you summer-proof & all day chic at all times.Recipe to swear-by.
  • Denim shorts are for everyone- There is something about denim shorts.We can never have enough of them.Summer is the time ladies!
  • Read more Blogs- Not just because I own one*I swear*, it will keep you updated with super ideas from where to hang out to what to wear & how to style,Saving you the over work.Did I say amazing & simple DIYs.
  • Backpacking-  Summer is the time to go get the adventurous streak out of you.While I plan some amazing backpack holiday this season, you tread on the same path too.Summer should mean action.
  • Have your Dessert First- You don't need to sweat for extra calories,because anyway you are sweating it out. Relax and have it first.Enjoy your ice cream before it melts ;)

Hope you enjoyed the concoction to fun summer. 

For more exhaustive list check this out -

More ideas from me ? Let me know in a blink.

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  1. I love it!! Especially 'Eat your icecream before it melts'. Excellent metaphor.
    Stay cool, lovely Muse. Greetings from AUS. Xx

    1. You're always the sweetest to leave me with comments. Thanks!
      Back at you <3