Sunday, June 8, 2014

Five Best Lip Balms

In a way, this post is summer special because with the heat wave lashing us down, Lip balms are no less than saviors.
Lip Balms should come with statutory warnings for umpteen applications & not be consumed beyond a certain level. I have met people confessing to me of having weakness for consuming them in various flavors.Second Best I have heard after the Cough syrup consuming lot, No please, dont take it as encouragement.Pun intended.

I would be lying if I didn't confess my love & addiction for Lip Balms. After my sunscreen, my lip balm is the second most essential must have that I don't leave my home without. Best bought Handful to have a variety so that you keep switching & to match the mood & occasion.Not that serious theory actually.

This summer, I vouch for these must-haves, till we discover more* greedy grin*

1. Burt Bees- Buy them in various scrumptious flavors & Thank me later. Like Mango, for instance.You will be Spoilt for choice, available at all Sephora stores in the city.

2. Lush tinted- Ultra smooth Lips with a Tint. Need I say more ? Always on my favorites list.

It Started with a Kiss ?

3.Bodyshop- Use it for Night as it's little bit on heavier side but great recovery.


4.Figs & Rouge Lemon Berry Lip - This was a great discovery mainly because its 100% Natural. 100% Pure. Score for that! Did I also say super moisturize? A Little costlier but then you're worth it .
The Power of Organic.

5.Victoria secret Smooth Kiss: Found this in one of the e-comm, and forever was on my lust-list.To me VS sounds like Luxury & luxury shouldn't be denied *Cracks up*

Some Gloss ?

Pick & choose according to what suits you.These are tried & tested though and can be picked blindly. Happily to be your guinea pig.

Also, Quite a range is avaibale at Elitify if you do not want to step out in mad Sun.Get some great discounts as well. I just want to see a happy you :)

What are you're summer Plans? Basking in Sun or Couch potato ?

Eat.Sleep.Shop. Repeat

Till Next

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