Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012

If you want to know what Vogue's Fashion Night Out was all about, then let me start by saying it was about fashionable guests talking fashionese and basically shopping. Celebs wandering and shopping crazy .

While it was the US Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, who started Vogue Fashion's Night Out in New York in 2009 simply to encourage shoppers to get out ,Sydney joined the event in 2010 and from there it has grown and grown.

It was about the city’s luxury designer stores offering genuine shopping "experiences" with glasses of wines , entertainers and quite simply, gorgeous staff who actually were pleased to see you in their stores.
You could shop over the amazing stuff at every possible luxuriate Brand like DKNY, Burberry and you name it. We stopped by quite a few of them to join the Shopping Glory.

The frenzy was all about ladies & gentlemen with million shopping bags and mind you the chicest shoppers trotting from around the globe.
I bumped into two of my faves, Shantanu & Nikhil ( Shaily was eagle eye in catching the stars of the night ) and Ambika Anand from NDTV Goodtimes Fame.We happened to have a quick chat with them till our other friends arrived  .We also picked the amazing tshirts on FNO theme by the Shantanu & Nikhil and soon they were out of stock .

Also at the event Alia bhatt and Karan Johar were present .

Sighting's from the Venue , DLF Emporio New Delhi via our lens : 

With Ambika Anand , she was looking glamorous in her minimalistic look .
The Classic Duo Designers Shantanu & Nikhil

Gorgeous !!
Hoarding in style
DKNY's bright collection

Alia Bhatt on Vogue Cover in conversation with Media

GFs Pupul-Beautiful Journo & Shaily-Terrific Blogger

Narcissism at it's best .

To sum it up it was a good night filled with Extravaganza celebrated with dear friends.
Another Good night is was, Bloggers paradise indeed :D We did place huge expectations from the event,all in all it was good but I guess at some level it could have been more engaging.

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In the Jiffy I forgot my Camera's MC  in the car and she shared all the pictures with me *bear hug*

Outfit post with my Blogger friends coming up soon . Stay Tuned 



  1. Great pictures! Seems like a happening event, this one!

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    A Pretty Little Mess- First Giveaway

  2. where is your wine pic.. u look stunning in that one.. take it from my page an add.. :-*

  3. Ohh yes Darls , I saved that for the outfit post . Thanks to you for the stunning shot :D