Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hearting my skirt ♥

Every now and then there would be times when you would be having exactly ten minutes to get dressed. You just have to ransack stuff, keep it minimal & good to go.

That's what exactly happened just after the Vogue night, it gets maddening when you are staying over with your favorite GF and something like mad-hatter would describe her because she makes me do things I would distantly dream of, like this party after a party.

While dressing up, I kept it comfortable but chic with my skirt that I have been itching to get on myself & the skirt screams "fun" !! That is worn with The Vogue FNO tshirt designed by Shantanu & Nikhil that me & my friend could pick after the crazy queues.

Girls just want to have fun was the night-out theme. It turned out to be quite adventurous one & bustling with our laughter.

Here is what I put together for a girly fun night-out, nothing genius perhaps but hearting my skirt  :

Top -VogueFNO
Sling Clutch- Marks and Spencer
Nude peep toes- Solovoga
Skirt & sleek orange belt- 8teen Style Boulevard
(You must check them out, they would spoil you for choice & ohh all the tempting skirt collection that they have)

What do you think ? Are you going to skirt it soon :) Get comfortable in your skirt I say !!

And BTW keep all the love coming in.

On other note , it's hard to believe that sundae is over. Welcome the week long drudgery *Sigh* 

Till Next


  1. So the girl behind the camera speaks . Thanks honey :)

  2. Thank you SO much for this wonderful feature and for your kind words! :) You look Gorgeous! XOXO

  3. Hey B! You've got such a lovely blog!
    Your blog oozes simplicity which is so charming!
    Love that FNO shirt and how you styled it!
    Would love to follow you!
    Hope you do the same. :)

  4. Thank you so much . I am glad you liked it :)Ohh that t-shirt was hard to get hands on but we did ;)
    Welcome to the space & following you too now.

  5. like your skirt :))
    love love your blog!

    kisses from Russia,

  6. Hey Juliet , Thanks am so glad that you like it *GRINS*

    And kisses right back at you XOXO

    See you more at this space :D


  7. Loveee that polka dotted skirt :)xx