Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happiness Manager I-Laughter is the best medicine !!

I often THOUGHT as a child , when I saw people laughing that - are they laughing because they are happy or vice versa .

I grew up and the secret unfolded & how can I not share it with my dear readers here.
Happiness is also Fashion. 

Happiness Manger is the series embarked to take you through my thoughts on varied choices that we will make to make our lives more happier. Happy – Happier – Happiest : D

Willian James said “ we don’t laugh because we are happy , We are happy because you laugh .
My thoughts & the secret that I afore mentioned just co-incided in these lines .

We must start our day on a delicious fun footing.
Remember how  in our school prayers we Laughed  ,played & thanked for what we have . 
It was such a right thing to do so.

Laughing more has to be a choice that you make each day .

People who make you laugh are indeed Assets

Told ya !!
Bring on some Humour


Well said
Some Tips :p

The other day at work my colleague and a very dear friend N , who is known for his laughter and his ways to make people smile .On a tensed routine day at work , I questioned him as to how he manages to keep his calm in every situation  - he said I laugh more ,just more than you guys. For a minute, I wanted to shun the thought that it was a while that I've had a hearty laugh . Just like you would do now .

Another dear friend A said " A conversation without a laughter is a failed one " 

Every thought is a new beginning. Isn't ?

Laughter is the medicine for soul .

This is a stupid thought but I read somewhere and liked it :
Even when you don’t feel like laughing , look in the mirror and laugh !! 

So are you going to Laugh more ???
P.s - Watch more laughter shows than soapy ones .They help ;)

On that Note Hope you guys had a rocking weekend .

Lots of Love 


  1. Yes Happiness is Fashion :)


  2. Hey Thanks Megha for dropping by .I am glad you agree.

    Also I am following your blog and I quite like it .Good work .