Monday, June 22, 2015

Candid with Ambika Anand!

There are some women who have mastered the fine art of timeless personal style!

They can exist in any decade, era, and wave of fashion and still be perfectly voguish.

One such woman is we all know of ,is  Ambika Anand, anchor, Get The Look on 
NDTV Good Times.

Let's have a quick chat with her on what is essence of style for her & the style tips she swears by!

Muse - Hi Ambika! I am an admirer & Now that I have you on my Blog, Welcome!
Ambika – Thank you,too!

Muse: Let me throw some questions that come to my mind about what you like & lets have some fun!

Muse - Fashion Girls you Love (Indian )
Ambika: Nonita Kalra ,Malini Banerjee , Divya Arora , Anamika Khanna , Pero
Muse (Internationally)
Ambika: Beyonce / Anna dello Russo/ Carine Roitfeld

Muse:Monochrome or Burst of Colors: 
Ambika: Monochrome, MOSTLY!

Muse:Three keys to Looking Fabulous:
Ambika: High heels/ Shades/ kindness

Muse:Prints or Classics?
Ambika: Classics

Muse:Books or Kindle?
Ambika: Books

Muse:Last movie you've seen?
Ambika: Entourage

Muse: Have you Read Mrs funny bones Column / Blog by Twinkle Khanna, What do you think of it ?
Ambika: Yes. It's another column

Muse:Tea or Coffee?
Ambika: Coffee
Muse:Accessory Pick
Ambika:  Ring

Muse:Are you a Morning person?
Ambika:  No
Muse: I wanted to hear this, High 5 !

Muse:You feel Best Dressed in:
Ambika: Black

Muse: Favorite Current Lipstick?
Ambika Nude

Hope you enjoyed our Quick Chat with Ambika!

Also , Don't forget to follow her show where she transcends the trends for you stylish Ladies!
At Get the Look, Season 2 at NDTV Goodtimes.

Need any more advices from her, write to us & you can have your question answered.
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I know my Yoga post is still pending, but look over coming week, I promise*coughs*

Till Next 

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