Tuesday, June 30, 2015

'Burn with Desire' My Yoga Journal

This has taken me the longest time ever, to cover the matter into words. Yoga means so much to me, that I wanted to write it in perfect expression.This is an attempt, however.

I have always been a firm believer in Oneness. Following Buddhism, not active practitioner, but definitely the believer in the power of Lotus Sutra.

One spiritual extension to other. That's what Yoga is for me.

Yoga to me is Revitalization. Rejuvenation. And much more than just cliched words.

Yoga is light to me, Yoga is relaxing. Yoga is medicine for my heart that 'Burns with Desire'.
We all have two opposite sides of us, one which needs peace, one that needs more, that is greedy. Yoga is finding the balance.

Yoga is embracing new & letting go.

It's only been few months, I have started my Yoga journey & found immense bliss in it, to say the least.Many wouldn't know, that I had chronic Anxiety issues for about an year now, But Yoga has helped my tremendously. And how ?

  • It helped me regain my concentration levels.
  • It helped me Let go off things easily.
  • I have always loved myself, Yoga made my love my stamina & my core, which is very essential for all of us.
  • Yoga made me flexible and in general less fussy.
  • Yoga is a Lifestyle, as my bae would describe it

But the point is, we all have to start from a starting point.

I am leaving you with some thoughts & some pictures from my last trip of me doing some asans,by the beach, to inspire you, may be!

You can write to me about the asans, or about the practice in general, I would love to break it down for you. Sharing is caring! Also, soon I might get my trainers to break down What Yoga means to them, soon, so look out.

                                                                  Om Shanti!

'Half Bow Pose' or 'Ardha dhanurasana'

'Cobra Pose' OR 'Bhujangsana'

'Shin Mudra' OR 'The Peace Mudra'. Best for Meditation & Breathing exercises.

'Vriksasana' OR
'Tree Pose'

This Tan that I'm endorsing , We should talk about some other day!

Till my next Yoga journal .

Lots of peace and Shanti for you guys.


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