Monday, November 3, 2014

'Punk kids' at Martin Garrix.

Muisc makes our world go around. So does Fashion.
Every form of it!

Be it Music or Fashion , punks use their music or clothing as a way of making a statement.
Punk is not just what's normally to be seen at high fashion but something that transforms into street style. Its phenomenal that, from the movement's birth in the early 1970s it has a continuing influence even today.

And the Musical festival is the perfect time to channel your inner Punk.
What are your sporting, a black choker, a long blue dress or leather boots?

So whether you are a 'Punk kid' or 'Glam rock' stay tuned! 

Sunburn Season 8 can’t get any better, while we saw W&W, Krewella, Cazzette creating waves with  for our city festivals, it was time for the Dutch sensation Martin Garrix.

A 17-year-old student by day, but when the sun goes down he can be found behind the decks in front of packed hotspots and festivals across the globe, fraternizing with electronic dance music royalty, tirelessly producing in the studio, and dropping records. You probably know him for his monster hit‘Animals’, that reached the #1 position in several countries worldwide.

As they say, some people like to Rock , some like to Roll , but we surely love to 'Rock n Roll'

Enough said, catch a sight of what caught our fancy from fashion galore, which becomes your street style guide :
Boho Girls !

Cool Kids!

Preppy Updates all in one. Think Dungaree & Plaid it well. Lace, anyone ?

Evil Mask
Peace Out !

Do you know us ?

Floral wreath & tied up scarf. Chunky bangles and chain. Too cool ! Military color for the Men.

Stud it up


Sweet Bunny

Playing Matchy !

Varsity Jacket is the epitome of cool.

Crop till you drop


Colors and quirk. Denim shorts are never gone.
Photography by : Nikhil Kumar Photography
Concept by Muse.

Quite electric looks yet keeping it minimal. Recreate these looks next time your hitting a festival.

Also , have you read Drunk.Punch.Love! from the last sunburn show we covered in October.

Let your hair down, scream a bit. Wiggle shiggle , go crazy a little.

Music.Moonbeam.Confetti in that order.

Peace and Till next Post .


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