Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happiness Manager II- Food for thought!

With the quenching Mid-weekend right here in our lap, I wanted to leave you with something that has been on my mind for a very long time. Yay !

If You ask me any writer, dreams of writing, even when not writing.

I am penning my all time favorite quotes that have never failed to give me a kick. Pick me up sort.

Here goes in no particular order:

Pen is Mighty

Only Happy Silence is an exception.You are'nt born to stay silent with your friends!

Haven't found a better quote.Please Look beyond the standard beauty!

Dont Explain ! Live Them every moment

Every Baby step counts!

Do it for others! Never Give up on yourself.

Save the world with your love. And worry is just a worry!

Hoping you enjoyed the compilation. I'm glad I did this post finally.
The Last post I did in this series was Laughter is the best medicine.
Some are by anonymous writers hence the name not mentioned.

Tell me what grand plans ? Have heaps of fun. Laugh your heart out.

Till Next

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