Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Still summer time! Review - The Body Shop

Sometimes you try hard and are tired till the brim of your soul but just can’t sleep.

May be just an ordinary urban-fitter.

Those are the nights to let the creative juices flow. You thought it’s the other way round, with this writer it doesn’t work. Surprise! 

Did I get philosophical? *coughs* Always that way. Moving on.

While I had horses running on what as such on blog tonight, I hopped that there are many lovely products that I have come across recently and that have lingered with me in a good way, which I could share or at least the favorite of them for now..

So here let me share,so that the secret is out for the summer bliss.
From the brand, we can’t have enough of & we have literally emptied our pockets on. With all the love, the list goes one product at a time: 

Detailing- Moringa by The Body Shop India

By 'The Body Shop'

 I got the largest container for myself and good to find the arresting gel based cleanser which is happy go to summer shower gel.The fragrance stays and a light texture which is not heavy hence perfect for skin dehydrating summer.
It's like a beauty potion you could begin you day with.I have at least variety for a day to lift up the spirits before I hit the grind, how many shower gels are too many?  That post will be quite exhaustive and is saved for another sleepless night.I promise!

Brownie points for :
- Feels light.
- Removes impurities and cleanses deeply 

- Purifying Ingredients Like Caramel & Glycerine.

 I barely knew when I was out shopping that there are heavier discounts off stores, forgetting online is always a better and less expensive option. 
You can get your hands on the shower gel right here at a price for grabs. Happy mornings!

This was my favorite pick from the plenty of choices I had and cannot complain!

A nice shower gel is indeed an good investment for happy and gloomy days.It's a beauty essential I take quite seriously, specially when its a click away.

Stay stronger , we are almost on the finish line for summer. At least I would like to believe that.Gear up for Fall time!

P.s- My Last review for Five best lip balms in case you missed. Don't forget to share your feedback, it will keep me going.

Till Next 


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