Friday, July 19, 2013

Stop & Look !!

With an eclectic array of celebrations that come along with Birthday madness(Teehee), you are bound to Stop & Look. Just Like I did !!

If I look back, I dont see myself in a new light or transformed person , but few affirmed beliefs that are for the keeps. One of those being taking a Stop.

We're always complaining about how little time we have and how overwhelmed we are. We whine about all the interruptions and communication overload.It's ironic, I know. To curtail this there is no fixed formula but a intention to put a stop. To reinvent the thoughts because only you can do it . To let go off things that arent helping you in anyway. It's a cure to manic circles of many self created issues.

Okay ,moving on to the Outfit, not wanting much from you but to Stop & Look. Won't you ?
It has always been the case that I look for comfort over anything else. Though I might go over the top couple of times depending on the occasions & mood, I have forever found my personal style to be Minimalistic Chic .Also Utalitarian is called for because I love trends.Who doesnt ?

The Highlight of this outfit is definitely the comfort in a crazy hot day while your are outdoors painting the town Red.
A little bit of layering to throw in colors.Sunny Mustard in this case.
A perfect matte sequined Tank Top.
Also, featuring a layered Ruffled skirt to add just the right flounce.Not-to-miss Python Print & Horizontal tiers.
All the statement pieces stay pretty at home for a while & dainty accessories are being played with
A statement Clutch with Snake print / convertible to Sling .
A pair of Flats with a pretty Flower on the Top sparing you from all the discomfort.

If you are still wondering how the Outfit looks like . Here it is :

Tea, Anyone ??

Embellished Tank Top Thrifted Delhi,
Skater Skirt  : KOOVS, You can order it Here 
Floral Flats : Catwalk,
Clutch Bombay Hill Road 
Accessories: Watch By Aldo , Rest Assorted from Claire
Aviators with Gold & Leopard accents - Mango

Photography by : My Favorite
Location : Khan Delhi/Cafe Turtle
Styling : Muse

The outfit is Boho yet very Urban. What do you think ??

Till Next.



  1. Looks nice and cool. I was fascinated by that little store behind you! So many bits and pieces! Fabulous shades, too. :D

    1. Yeah that is why the jewellery stack made for a nice backdrop :)

      Thanks a bunch Flora !!