Sunday, June 16, 2013

Colors of Monsoon !!

How else would you describe a trip, when the moment you land at your holiday destination, you are welcomed by the whimsical generous showers. Never been to this city of myriad treats.This is Bombay, the city of stars and this was my personal rendezvous with the city of Glitz.

This trip was dedicated to sniffing the street side that the city had to offer, the cafes and the street style, which of course didn't let me down & I was nothing but exhilarated to absorb all of it.
Bombay Fashion style, I found very laid back & Boho.The colorful umberellas only add to the element of abounding colors. Yeah the colors of Monsoon.

Here are the personal pit stop details for you :

Shopping in the mad rains was no mean feat, but getting inspired by the localities I braved it & fell even more for it. The streets I frequented with my girl was Hill road for bags & accessories.You shouldn't be missing it she said.I am told the city is brimming with such delightful street shopping stops.Also, Mumbai is one of the biggest exporters of clothes, so it makes sense to pick up pieces for a fraction of their price charged. I could not go mad with shopping because of stomping rains but I am up for next time. Moving on ,there is a mix of departmental stores, brand outlets, street-side carts and regular shops that sell mainly clothes and accessories. One can also find many restaurants and cafes dotted along the miles long stretch of this road.

Linking road Market /Khar Linking road & waterfield road are other similar streets I could explore.The place worth a mention here is Cafe Basilico purely because of ambiance & mouth-watering dishes.Not to be missed when you are there,if you take my word for it,trust me the conversations would flow. Bora Bora is another hot spot on the same lane.
For mall shopping, Infinity Mall in Malad was my delight.Bombay has such a Cosmo vibe & speed of the city is like current.

Apart from the street side, my experience with Luxe & Glamour begun at Taj Land's end offering the best of both worlds - breathtaking views of the sea and the energy of city life.Must mention is the Atrium/High tea/Coffee shop where the stars frequent throught the Day.I saw couple of stars & icons of Cinema like Dilip Kumar in just my small spent time there in shop.Also many of my favorite Celebs  lived right next.So during my stay, I kept oscillating between Luxe & street side of the city.Mornings were spent mostly admiring the beauty of the Seaside.

It would be unfair not to mention the noise of the silent sea right next or the customer friendly Auto drivers.It is no mess traveling despite the overwhelming monsoon of the city right now.

Also , I could go on but here I leave you with my Insta bytes of trip.It was a perfect getaway to say the least.Can I be pardoned for not being able to have proper outfit pictures but hope you like the blogger's Insta takes :

Can't do without Coffee & Arm Candy for the day

A look of the nerd

If you thought Tangerine fever was over, you got to take cues from my Girl's outfit, The fashionista behind Confessionz of a Closet

The understated Fashion & Umbrella is an essential.Candid take.

Purple new found love ? It is.

Amazing Handicraft shop at water fields

Tryst of Red coming with a ruffled Pink Dress for outfit of the day.
A perfect red printed cotton dress with Spiked ring & Purple slippers.
The special Lunch at Bora Bora.The shoulder cut out Tshirt is from Zara.

The view 

Unpacking makes me sob

This trip was more than special in many ways.With a perfect holiday coming to end,comes planning for the next one. I read somewhere that the one who thinks the most about a holiday is the one who has just taken one which holds true for me right now.

Special Thanks to S for being a perfect host & showing me around. XX

May I ask , when are you planning next getaway because the only thing keeping you away from it is you.

Till next


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  1. Muse, I love this post. Nice focus on those colours! Fascinated by India and would love to explore some parts one day. But, for now, Paris, Venice and Vienna is on my travel cards in September! Laughing re 'unpacking makes me sob'. I agree. xx