Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lady-Like !!

Weekends have come & gone, but I couldn’t get myself to write, to share, my penny of thoughts.  Sigh !!

While I was eager for an inspiration to bewilder me, I came across this brilliant contest at InFb ,
our very own fashion bloggers community,it occurred to me to put together an outfit for an interesting contest.
It’s not only fun to give my sensibilities an ensemble but also chance to win the dream destination & be a part of a fashion grandiose. You know what dreams are made-of & Yes it did make my day !! Bless the Infb-ians.

My Inspiration is lady-like dressing. She does not strive to impress with over-the-top tactics. She manages to bring us back to the days of ladylike elegance, stamped with her classy modern take.  

The epitome of timeless chic Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. A lady is always immaculately clothed in modest yet stylish ensemble.
Each item in her outfit is well-calculated and chosen. Her mantra is nothing more, nothing less. She wears her clothes and does not allow her clothes to wear her. She knows herself and dresses accordingly. Silhouettes are appropriate. Pieces are always wearable and comfortable. Accessories are mainly the essentials: a pretty pair of earrings or a bold necklace.

From their very interesting pinterest board ,I have picked up this look : 

Lady-like Look with Splash

This intricate cut-work, Victorian inspired top with lace details,which is dressy in itself with a skirt, because my love affair is intense when it comes to skirts & if it's a classic bright hued, it's perfect to go with the elegant top. The earrings would add playful indulgence indeed. So Lady-like !!

Tell me what do you think of this ensemble which is going to make my entry to the contest :)

P.S. This ensemble is so much me !!

Till Next 


  1. hey! nice blog :) .. followed ur peeps.. wud be glad if you could follow me back and spread the love :)


  2. thats a cute pick for sure:)