Sunday, February 24, 2013

Candid with Makeup by Saba !!

We all often have such stylish and gracious people around us that impends us to style

I am definitely attracted to people who make this effort in knowing what suits them – their individualistic
persona and stylish ways.

Before I begin to introduce my first Muse – Let me say that I find her one of her kind , she is
vivacious and & her charm is matchless.

She wears many hats from being an affable emcee, to a thrilling Digital Jockey for leading
brands and yet an aspiring make-up artist too.I 'm not sure if I have said enough.

She is impish and intelligent in same measure.

Lets have a quick chat with her on what is essence of style for her and tips for you that she
swears by :

Muse - Hello Saba , I welcome you to Muse .
Saba – Thank you. It’s an absolute pleasure.

Muse – What is your opinion on Style .What does it mean to you.
Saba – From a rag picker to a runway model, every individual has a unique style depending on their liking, financial status and surroundings. To me, style essentially means being a part of the whole and yet creating a statement. One doesn’t need to go overboard with anything to get noticed.
Muse- Could'nt agree more with you here !!

Muse –3 words on your personal style.
Saba   If I’d put down my style statement in three words, I’d be doing injustice to all the effort I put into styling ;).  None the less, if I really had to, I’d say comfort, color and experimental.

Muse – What are the five must haves for a closet?
Saba  Apart from the tried and tested must haves (The Little Black Dress, A crisp white shirt, Blue Denims, Black Pumps and a String of Pearls), the five things you got to have in your closet are scarves, broaches, a classy hat, a flowing evening dress and a pair of boots. With these accessories, you can style the same clothes and create numerous different looks.

Muse - What are the five accessories that you can't do without?
Saba – My Sunglasses, diamond studs, a watch, loafers and a scarf

Muse – Please share one of your International and Indian favorite Designer.
Saba – God, it’s so difficult zeroing on just one! Alexander McQueen and Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla

Muse - Which sports person is stylish according to you?
Saba Fernando Alonso

Muse - Which Indian Actor /Actress is stylish according to you?
Saba I think Sonam Kapoor is really stylish and thank God for that as it compensates for her immaturity :p. Also Hritik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan are drop dead stylish.

Muse - Most stylish country according to you is and why ?
Saba  – Of all the places I have been to, I think Italy has the most stylish people. It is so refreshing to see everyone dressed in a manner that you’d want to compliment all!

Muse – What are the 5 makeup essentials you swear by .
Saba  – Lip balm/gloss, blush, mascara, kohl and pressed powder

Muse – Most stylish person you have come across is?
Saba  Of all the people I find stylish, I’d say the one who impresses me the most is Saira Mohan

Muse – What things interests you apart from your professional work.
Saba – I love to learn and do new things all the time. Of late I have started developing an interest in cooking and baking and am soon hoping to take up a course for the same. Also, I enjoy reading fiction and might come out with my own book someday.  There is so much I want to do.

Muse – What inspired you to take up a professional makeup course , which one did you
chose and why ,what was your learning take-away from the same.
Saba- The first bridal makeup I did was when I was 14. From there on, I was the unsaid official makeup artist for all my cousins, friends, cousins of friends, neighbors and who not! I never thought of taking it up professionally. Along the years I have been involved in a lot of things like working in a research company, content writing, media relations etc. None of these felt like ‘me’. Apart from being an anchor, the only other thing I really enjoy doing is beautifying J. So finally I thought, what the hell! I did an MBA even when I wasn’t really keen then why not do a professional  course in makeup which I really want to.
Apart from module courses from MAC and Bobbi Brown, I have a professional degree in makeup from
Illamasqua School of Makeup Art,London . I have also completed proffesional makeup artistry course from one of the top and most renowned celebrity makeup artists of Pakistan.
Every course that I have attended has taught me a lot. The tricks, techniques and procedures of every artist vary. So the more number of people who have trained you, the better, as you get to imbibe their style with yours which in turn creates something new.

Hope you enjoyed our conversation with the beautiful Saba Shafi.
In case you have any queries related to make-up tips you want her /Muse to address ,you can reach out to us. Not only that, I am really wanting her to keep her promise of make-up tutorial for all you guys :) 

Some of her work :

Love at first sight.

So neat.

Loving the Sultry look . Arent you ??

Oh so Wow !!

I really want to know ,what you would say on this :)

At Her Pro - Saba

The Beautiful Wanderer

You can check-out more of her astonishing work at Makeup by Saba.

Till next time .




  1. It has been great to know Saba over the years and even though we have never met, I have always admired, from afar, the passion she exhibits in following her instincts and dreams. I am pretty sure that this is just the beginning and I wish her good luck for a bright future!!


  2. She is so complete in whatever she does, she is a family person, she is the best friend, she is a professional, loves fun , fears God, gentle, innovative, creative, makes you laugh, she writes, she speaks, she listens, she shares, she gives, she takes away your worries…..She is a Lady
    She exudes all these qualities without a pinch of effort. Even though she might not have been interested in her previous jobs but she has left her employers wanting her to be back…She shows complete dedication and honesty towards any job that she pursues.
    When you are with Saba you think for a while if she’s pretending to be good or is she really that good. Having known her for years, now I can vouch for her goodness.
    Saba is someone who can make you comfortable and completely at ease, so when it comes to seeking advice on styling or makeup , you can rest assured that she will give you a sincere one and you would not feel any inhibitions in approaching her.
    I wish her all the best in life…..coz she deserves it!


  3. Great Q&A! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Alexandra xo

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