Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sheer affair

Hey Fashionistas,

How is everybody doing ?Are you guys having a ball time ?

This post is few weeks delayed due to crazy schedules .You all know what a city girl has to go through , before doing something like this , before doing something she really really wants :) But yes she does what she wants at the end. Its all good - when end justifies the means !!

It is a post on the trend I'm currently crushing, no wait let me stand corrected ,actually forever crushing since my good high school days -"Sheer" . You can throw away sheer with almost everything and you're ready to paint the town red !! Like literally :)

So it was my birthday on the last 17th , I was turning a year older ,a year wiser ,a year smarter ,a year more focussed etc etc. It was a time when I was made to feel like a princess who rules the world atleast her own world in all ways .Felt so special & isolated with happiness - if you know what I mean .

I had a mind-blowing catch up session with bffs , shopped till my heart wanted and my wallet was lighter , cakes ,wines ,sheesha & the surprises .

Here are some pics from the D - day :

With some Bling accessories & my neon Floral clutch
My Sheer Cobalt Blue Top

Whats on the Menu

And when the bff makes you pose & you do so happily :)

It's my Bday okay !!!

Some Sheesha,Ice tea & Posing :P

Are you also big on sheesha like me ? Actually little things like these make me merry. That's isn't a bad thing right. I am glad that I feel blessed .

On another note , are you also like me when you get upset when your B'day ends *puppy face*

Wearing in the Post : Red straight cigarette pants:  Marks & Spencer, Cobalt Blue Symmetrical top: Mango, Accessories & Neon Bag from  Forever New
Lots of Love


  1. You are looking Hot, But there is one thing that would suit you, Belt. Though this attire is in accordance to wear a belt. But you will look even better.