Wednesday, July 25, 2012

John Abraham introduces new range of Personal Grooming for Indian men by Philips

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How have you been ?

You would very much relate to the fact I have been gushing over meeting my favorite Poster Boy -John Abraham-Yes you heard that right  .  I'm still pinching myself :P 

As if I was over from the goodness of the last evening  wool mark's grand event which I attended and shared with you all already click Here for a detailed event post ,the next day was this Philips event that I most certainly had to attend . 

Here I go sharing with you the excerpts : 

John Abraham introduces Indian men to Personal Grooming by Philips

Held at The Oberoi  ,20 July 2012, New Delhi.

There was noise ,unrest and robust conversations over hot cuppa coffee amongst the present awaiting the hearthrobbing Brand ambassdor -Yes I am talking about John Abharam

The Eminent Marketing Professionals of Philips India Including the Dynamic -Aarushi Agarwal, Director Marketing, Personal Care, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips India left no stone unturned to communicate the efficiency of their new launched range . There was a detailed presentation on the evolution of men & how the tools for the modern men has evolved . 
They shared that they intend to make male grooming much easier with their extensive range of male grooming products & the interesting statistics of men using the grooming products today .
The Launch was done by John Abharam - Bollywood actor and Philips Male Grooming brand ambassador , he joined the conversation that why he loves the Brand .
John has a perfectly chiselled body but he shared that he aspires for a more perfect one. He makes no bones in accepting that Body is his religion & he never cheats on himself and is very conscious of right eating .Some food for thought .

John spoke on the sidelines of a launch , a new product aimed at men who like to keep a neatly trimmed chest, back, shoulders and more. The actor sported a smooth look in the 2008 film “Dostana”, and he reiterates that it’s good to be clean !

When the House was open for questions , here s what I asked him  : 

Me( In crazy excitement ) - Hi everyone & John -I am a Delhi based Fashion Blogger, I don't really have a question , but I can't let the opportunity go without speaking with you (yes i said that -candid ), which product would you choose to recommend to my a guy & why would you recommend that product .

John (Snappily ) -Bhawna ( omg that 's my name ) I would suggest Smooth & Sharp Razor & I love it because it is very easy to use . 

Me - John , Must pay u a compliment that you look in great form & you look equally good as you look on screen .

John - Blushes - literally . 

Me - Pinching myself again!!!

Further :  
Philips is looking at serving the urban male, who is spending more and more time and money on his appearance and lifestyle, by uniquely delivering effective, easy to use, high quality men's products and backing it with experience and knowledge tools online and in-store.

Some pics from the event  : 

In Conversation - John Abharam

Yayy !!!

Some Posing

Hope you liked the post .

Also , I must add here,John just charmed  me & had no " I am a celeb" air around him , which made me realise humility is so attractive . Isnt ?

Lots more coming up ,I say .

Stay tuned & keep rocking .




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