Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Story of a Baroque Shirt!

The name Baroque has Portuguese origins, it actually derives from Baroco, that means “irregular and rough stone”

Something so irregular, has a preface to story , hence a post as the ode to this Baroque shirt which indeed was a hidden gem in my closet until I styled it for a Fashion week Outfit. 

In words of Giulio Carlo Argan, “Art is nothing but a technique, a method, a way to establish a communication or a relationship; to be more precise, we can say that it is a technique of persuasion, that must be aware not only of its own possibilities and means, but also of the dispositions of the audience it aims to address to”.  

I love the fact that Baroque feels like Art .It is constituted by a multiplicity of subjects, A vocabulary where the signs can be interpreted as you like, thus avoiding an oneness of things.

It's totally Art wear, Baroque is Classic and its only legitimate to give it your own twist.
I used my White Floating Palazzo to style it & a Vintage ring.  It's my Canvas & look how it all came together ?

Amid-st Flurry at Fashion week AIFW SS 2015, it felt as if I was floating in my own whimsical world in this Floating Outfit. It also satiated my craving for mixing white with colors. Inserted with a lace bralette & my simplistic pearl choker.

Flip, Baby Hair Flip!

My Patent

Hoping you like Story of my Baroque Shirt!

What I Wore :

Baroque Shirt : Zara
White Palazzo : Street Find, Khan Market , Delhi
White Lace Bralette, Clutch & Reflectors: Forever 21
Ring: Blur store
Pearl Choker : Street Find,GK M Block Market

Photography & Concept by: Tarun Chawla Photography

Location : NSIC Okhla Grounds, AIFW SS 15
Styling : ByMuse

Special mention for this Brilliant guy behind Tarun Chawla Photography for capturing my outfit so well & within few minutes, no sweat there! It helps his insanely amazing eye for details & it only helps that he is a chiller. Giving Hair flip a major chance on the Blog <3

I cant wait to smell the evening Coffee & some earthy color hacks, Its Autumn Breeze here in Delhi. Every thing is going blurred & Dreamy , so should be our outfits. My Grey Overcoat is waiting to shine on the Blog.

Loving every bit of it.

Till Next


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