Wednesday, July 29, 2015

'Start Fresh' Feat Limeroad

Fading memories or questions about what lies ahead?

It's been Birthday month, so all kind of emotions unfurling in my head.

She traveled in the woods, to find a zen moment within herself. Travel to the places, wearing her Dreams. My attempt at lending a poetic grace to the post!

To put things in perspective, I am not letting my mind do the unnecessary running, but to start fresh.

Start fresh means letting go off things that are no good.Not that I am letting my overalls go anywhere.

Start fresh to indulge a little more in Day dreaming, Really who knows which one will click?
Like wearing my scoop back Peach dress for a Girly Brunch, may be!

My posts always run the risk of getting a bit philosophical but hey the expression matters!

Sometimes we all go too intense, but that's a good thing right ?

This post is essentially about this beautiful Polka Full length Dress that Limeroad sent me & it felt like a perfect birthday dress to me for my madness till the Dusk. Choice of Drink or Choice of birthday dress, we bloggers take both very seriously, or may be not too seriously. You decide!

Photo Diary from the Birthday Brunch & my Outfit with touch of Tan, Make up Minimal considering it was humid like hell, this month always is:

Polka Vintage Dress with a Tan Belt: Limeroad
Dainty Bracelets : Zara
Tan thongs : Forever 21 Online Store
Statement Earrings: Friend's label Shop Chic Saga
Crossbody Tan Sling.: Zara 
Photography by my partner in crime Shaily from COC
Location : Amour HKV
Birthday Brunch with lot of Sangria Drunk <3

What do you think of this Vintage Look ?

It feels I am heading somewhere nice & swanky tonight, who are you coming with ?

Vacation posts are also due.

Till Next

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