Friday, February 6, 2015

Spotlight !

Streets are not for everyone that's why there are sidewalks.

For us Fashion bloggers there is Spotlight. To voice our opinions. To be more than just Fashion watchdogs. Spotlight to bring out our chic.
To invade few trends and make them ours. You get the drift ?

This particular evening, I was off with my spotlight. Just had to peel a little cool of me.

Snuggling in post Christmas days , In my Black overcoat. It's just so much more than just that. It is epitome of Classic Fashion to me. No skin bare look, see if I care!

Last year's color of the year, Emerald Pantone is still not letting me get over it, so be it. They are in good company with my faux fur bag by KOOVS
Then there are my Black ankle boots.They are sure sole mates from last two seasons they are keeping me fuzzy & warm.
Full disclosure of the look which is very Classic Chic, below with highlights here :

  • Black overcoat- Will take you  from season to season.
  • Emerald Pantone Dress- You can dress up & dress down with just what you cover it up with . Formal Blazer or Denim shirt.
  • Stockings - Investing in good pair of stockings will save you the shivers.You can thrive on winter than to just survive.
  • Faux Fur Bag - Believe me you will not have enough if it!
  • Statement earrings - They are, what cocktail rings were last season. They will make you shine.

Dress: Forever21
Black Overcoat : Zara
Ankle Boots : Soft & Sleek
Faux Fur Bag: KOOVS  Similar here
Statement earrings : Bangkok buy by my friend

Photography & Concept by: Nikhil Kumar Photography
Location : Gurgaon
Styling : Muse
This is definitely one of the quickest & one of the best shoot I've ever done.I jumped happily on the results. After all Spotlight puts you under pressure *coughs*
Tell me if you like the look in the comments below & How do you feel under Spotlight?
I would love to hear from you.

Till Next


  1. Dear Muse, a nicely styled shoot that's for sure! I love the colour blocking. The drama in the spotlight shot is very clever!! I am not one for being 'too much' in the limelight!!!
    Love your work, Flora. Xx

    1. Thank you. And I love replying to your responses!
      Lots of love your way xx