Monday, April 28, 2014

I had to do a SJP!

If you're a Fashion lover, the initials are just enough for you to to get the drift.
And needless to say if you've followed SATC series, all of us have secretly wished to own a closet like Sarah Jessica Parker. 

The mother of three launched her own fashion and lifestyle label, SJP, in March this year, which featured her own collection of footwear. Best known for her Golden Globe-winning role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, she was also formerly chief creative officer at Halston Heritage and has launched several best-selling fragrances.
I've few personal favorites from her line which are for the keeps.And her shoe line is my dream. SIGH!

Repertoire her sartorial wackiness & making simple look so classy, breaking down her few summer looks right here & a piece of latest news about her at the end of the post. I am hoping it will help you take cues for your summer closet. Summer is bringing good times, let us make the hay while the sun is shining.

Purple loubies, skinny jeans and flannel shirt. High waists but no fret!

Simple just roll up your fav jean & pick a tee! Yeah that's it.Add Shiney bit.

A SJP Stamp on it! Fluffy skirt & beach waves!

Favorite look for mixing feminine with Luxe sporty!

White and Gold.And White Fedora!

Strut like an egyptian in White. 'Reminder why White should be a staple!

Sarah Jessica Parker for Maria Valentina 2014 Yellow lace sheath dress

Totally summer appropriate looks?

Tell me in the comments below which looks are you replicating? I am going to try all. Let's get some action.

And the news I promised which is all out by now, in case you missed it, Sarah Jessica Parker has been honored for her creative contribution to the fashion industry. The actress will be presented with a CLIO Award next month, the first-ever recipient of the new Honorary Image prize.

Keep the love coming! I promise I will be more regular, Pro Bono!

Sending you guys massive hugs xx


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