Friday, February 7, 2014


God is Kind, for the days you can dress up for yourself !
I never detested Office wear so much,the monotony is killing. But that discussion may be  is for another day .I am still combating my tendency to crib about office wear but moving on:)

First of all, I am so happy to recreate my winter favorite look for you'all. It feels almost like a comeback & my first winter shoot.

The outfit for me is celebration of Freedom. Freedom from tailored jacket to your favorite sweatshirt. Freedom of styling your favorite flowy skirt with clever sheer stockings. Freedom of making androgyny. So Winter-amaze !

Because sometimes being ridiculously comfortable can still look Great.

Get your sports wear out as the new Fashion buzz word is Sporty & Careless.

Breaking the Outfit for you, bringing my swing with Back to School Outfit :

  • Sweatshirt is my wardrobe's new hero.It fits the bill perfectly for Back to school Outfits. Weekends hit I say !
  • A Flowy Skirt   can help you replicate all street styles & carpet looks  in split seconds. Transitional pieces that you can take from season to season is trend-wise. Genius,Isn't ?
  • Knitted Mufler - Wrap it & You are done.Warm colors work as well as pastels.Think Quirky!
  • Ankle Boots Anything that saves you from cold & exceed the fashion-meter score. Nothing can be more Winter Friendly!
  • Stockings Sheer stockings(in this outfit) , patterned warm ones stock them all & Dazzle!
  • Olive Structured Bag  Off Duty or Formal,Day or evening,Trend right or Functional ?
    An Olive bag is all you need for Grunge. Yes it's IT !
  • Charm Bracelet It is bound to sparkle, Chunky bracelet in cobalt blue, in this case.
  • Nerdy is the New Sexy !!

    Before you go crazy with my exclamation marks, here is what I meant :

    Love the Tri-Color!

    Structured Bag in Olive Feat Lavie

    Blurred Lines ?

    My Favorite Shot!

    My Sweatshirt Said "Youth in Revolt"

    Swaetshirt with Leather accents: Forever21
    Knitted Muf (About 2 years old) : Fashion&You,
    Ankle Boots : Soft & Sleek
    Bag c/o- Lavie ( That caught attention with Beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan's endorsements)
    Ring: Forever21
    Charm Bracelet-Twist Hauz Khas
    Glasses- Photographer's :p

    Photography & Concept by TE Capto I Capture You
    Location : Select Citywalk
    Styling : Muse

    Our collaboration is not new,this was the last shoot we did together in summer- Breakfree

    It is always fun creating something together when you share a great comfort with each other's ideas. Though even after insisting him,he took some close shots against my will but I realized its best left to the one behind the lens.We did accompany each other well during the Shoot & I guess it was one of the coldest days to brave this look , But I am glad I did.

    The Silly winter is finally leaving us for better :)

    Hope you Liked this Outfit as much I did.

    Till Next


  1. Muse my Dear! I have missed you! Looking lovely. :D x

    1. Such a pleasure to read you lovely feedback xx
      Reason for coming Back :D