Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cool Girl's yellow !

Alert : Special Christmas Post

This season I tell you is the time for you to shine bright.While I was comforted in my bed, just chilling & a text dropped from my long lost friend saying How to style her perfect Yellow Jacket for Christmas House party , I found an opportunity to open the Pandora box for Styling ideas.
For all the crazy conversation that we had after that I know, she is pretty much sorted for now :)

Fashion is not just for the most fashionable, I mean it. It means different things to different variety of people & I enjoy understanding the variance with some serious fashion loving Of course!

Coming to the purpose of this post, last season saw crazy Darker hues loving like Oxblood & Emerald, this season is making shift to Bright hues & Prints are still dominant Ladies !

So Its time you crank up that Bright Yellow Jacket, It definitely is Cool girl's yellow :)

Run through these easy ideas for styling for Off duty & Party Looks, I have happily curated for the fashion girl in you :

Fun Day in Yellow.Loving the stripes & heart. Print on Print, much ?

T , This is just perfect for you ?

How Classic is a LBD with Yellow Jacket , NO Fuss but so much Drama  ?

This is my Favorite look with prints loving

All the pictures are courtesy Pinterest , a girl's new Best friend , You could follow my board Here :)

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What are you wearing this Christmas?  Get in the Glimmer & favorite party shoes, make sure they are comfortable.

Happy Holidays !!

Till Next XX


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