Friday, September 27, 2013

Sing Your Song !! OOTD Monochrome

If I have to tell you that the world of trends is delusional & it is the new menace,Fashion for all is hardly a novel conceit.

But Hey, that might just be good news.One can say, democracy has finally hit the Fashion World & how? Fast forward to 2013, there is less mystery for daily Fashion lovers.

Anybody who has keen interest in Fast fashion, like myself is open to world of Instagrams ,Regrams & Social Media. Style has penetrated to each. Behind the scene details,not only are the designs and styles more accessible than ever, the entire industry, from inspiration to presentation, are exposed to anyone with a keen curiosity.

Having said that, how could one embrace trends in daily wardrobe. Back to school outfits or skater skirts, Body con dresses or shift dresses. What is for whom.

Being a lover of Fashion & Style , I believe that the best way to do fashion is your own way. Everybody has their own aesthetics & punch, that shouldn't be forgotten.

The delight is Do it your way.So Ladies, Sing Your song !!

Setting in these thoughts , Done by None is already a Game changer website bringing all the trends just a click away. It is clear a winner in its category for fashion & everything pretty.

They also have exciting style tips & features like Post it .
It is One-stop-shop for Clothing ,Handbags,Accessories.

My outfit here is an inspiration from Monochromatic dressing which is a rage right now.
Picking up Black & white & sticking to it - easy enough truly ?
I just tried it with a Pop of neon as neck piece which is fun & light( brownie points for that).

Also perking a bit with a beautiful white stones hand cuff ( Have I told you enough my love for them) & the Flo-Rida Snake-Skin Print Bag-- A bucket bag with Snakeskin print and tassles, a gold zipper, a gold chain sling and a braided draw string.

Here is the Look My Girls :
Happily Monochromed.

Love my Glitter Sandals

A Close up 

Crochet Top Zara Delhi
Chalk White Jeans  : Zara Delhi,
Ring : Twist Hauz Khas
Neon Neckpiece: C/O Kazo 
Accessories: Gold Handcuff  
Snakeskin Printed Bag : C/O ,You can order it Here
Glitter Rose gold strapped Sandals :

Photography by : Confessionz of a Closet
Location : Select Citywalk Delhi Saket 
Styling : Muse

The outfit is very easy to replicate & add your fun element to it.
Monochrome is my quick fix.
You have any too ? 

Till Next.



  1. Muse, I love the black and white! You look beautiful! But (this is funny) I am squeamish about reptile skin accessories!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment . Always look forward to hear from you XX

      & That's why I like animal prints in moderation .

  2. Lovely style! loved the bag and the sandals....already checking out the website Donebynone,thanks for the info/link! :)

    1. Thanks Garima, these sandals are my current favorite.
      Donebynone is one stop shop & I can really vouch for their quality.

      Keep Visiting !!

  3. Awesome monochrome-ing girl :) Loved the golden chained straps of your bag!