Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fascinators ♥♥

Hey Folks ,

My greetings ...

This is a post I drafted in Late March but now it saw the light of the day :)

Hate to be MIA ,but the soaring weather ,killing schedules and no self time ,Yes its quite creepy but that becomes the order when you are full on trying to chase targets & Financial year closing beats you to the core .Ok enough ranting ...lets talk about something sunny and not gloomy :)

Are you with me ? you better be :)

The First being Mention of an Inspiration - Fascinators

I will let the Pictures do the talking :

                                                     They are so very Chic & Vintage :)

                                               This one looks so surreal Isnt .To me it does .

                                                                 Our Fav Carrie !!!

                                                             The Elegant Duchess ...

                                            The Diva licious Again .Inspired Much ??

Last but not the least I met Sakshi again the one I mentioned before ,She always sounds likes my Soul sister coz i can speak my heart out & she just always manages to trickle few words of wisdom . This time we met over a Blueberry smoothie . Ok so I would like to share with my readers a very imp note that we all know but we tend to forget very often .She said never live in Self Pity .For any good reason we must not think low of self . Ok , now u know ......but there is no harm in reiterating as she did .

Keep it Rocking Till next time .

Load-z Love


  1. hey girl, I am glad you liked the post.
    And yeah Welcome to the blogger's world....Look forward to knowing you more :)

    Besides, nice write up.Unfortunately I don't understand why head gear ain't much in Indian fashion, else it in itself is a statement.

    Good the duchess version :D

    Keep blogging and keep in touch, after all we are fellow Delhi bloggers ;)

    P.s. You can follow up the blog if you want, and I will return the favor

    Much Love,
    Apurva :D

  2. Hey Apurva , Thanks for the welcome .I'm delighted :)

    There is so much to absorb around Isn't . & about head accessories we ll bring in the change .Right ?

    Surely I'm Following you Babe .

    See You Around .


  3. nice post.I like it.

  4. Brithers I tell you, they are just so good in trends and fashion.